Last minute outfit ideas and make-up tips (courtesy of Haviic Cosmetics) for your hot Valentine’s Day date

Chocolates? Check. Flowers? Check. Wine? Double check. You know what this means, right? The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner! But what to wear?

Whether you’re single or committed, Valentine’s Day is something we all have to live through so let’s make the most of it. Hello, a legitimate excuse for glittery eyeshadow and heart-shaped clutches? What’s not to love? Many of us aren’t inclined to wear pinks, reds and sweaters that have been bejewelled with love hearts on a normal day of the year but on Valentine’s Day anything goes. (Did I really just say that? I must be a romantic at heart.)

I’m not saying to get too crazy here – it’s a day of romance, not a day at the circus. We definitely don’t want to go for a sequinned coat, top and skirt. Too much.

How about a statement clutch? Or a dazzling pair of strappy heels? Here are three looks I put together for your hot date. But you know, even if you don’t have a hot date (myself included) these are still killer looks that could work on many other occasions.

Outfit #1 – Lady in red

This is a very classic Valentine’s Day look. It would be the perfect outfit for wining and dining at a nice restaurant, maybe seeing a play or doing whatever super romantic thing you have planned. I mean, I would probably wear this on a regular night out too.


Outfit #2 – Sexy casual

If you’re not a very ‘fancy’ person, this outfit gives you the right amount of casual mixed with some V-Day sexiness. How could you not be comfortable in ripped jeans and an off-the-shoulder top? Are you thinking that the heels might not be the comfiest? You could pair this look with some sneakers for an even more toned-down casual.


Outfit #3 – Grunge-y glam

This is probably my favourite outfit. I love mixing tougher pieces like this leather skirt with girly items like the floral crop top. The clutch also ties in just the right amount of Valentine’s Day nuance. I think I need this outfit in my closet right now!


Once you’ve got the outfit down – even if it is just a t-shirt and jeans – it’s time for make-up. NYC based make-up artist Aleah Alvarado says that although a red lip never goes out of style, we’re more prone to “living on the edge” nowadays.

“Electrifying shades, like teals, purples and greys, are taking over,” she says. “For those extremists, glitter and cut crease make us go crazy! There’s nothing like looking someone dead in the face with your lids so popping they can’t help but stare you in the eyes.”

For a bit of a tamer look, dewy skin and highlight are going to be your best friend says Aleah.

“The best part is you can pair it with any lip colour for the final touch!”

If you’re planning on continuing the date past a midnight kiss, here are some tips to help you feel your sexiest. Enjoy!


This article was originally published on Find Your Beautiful written by yours truly.

BEAUTY TUTORIAL | Brush up on your make-up techniques with this simple advice

I tend to keep my makeup fairly simple, but I like trying out new things. There’s nothing too complicated about by usual routine, but I love to learn more. I bet a lot of women (including myself) wish they had the time and talent to do something a bit more sophisticated than just some foundation and mascara in the morning.

If you want to do something that takes a bit more skill, you have to work on your makeup technique – otherwise, you’ll try to follow tutorials and end up looking a mess! Here are my top tips for improving your makeup techniques and finding your new look.

The Lady-like Leopard behind the scenes at Shilango's launch photo shoot - handmade Mexican jewellery


Watch Professionals

More than doing my own makeup, I love having someone else do it for me. Professional makeup artists can always do much more than I’m capable of. Watching someone do my makeup is an excellent way to learn something new and I’ve picked up many new techniques by observing someone else.

You don’t have to have your makeup done to watch someone – you can see people doing professional makeup online using tutorials from YouTube and other places. You could also go and watch someone at a makeup counter, but you might look a bit weird…

The Lady-like Leopard behind the scenes at Shilango's launch photo shoot - handmade Mexican jewellery

Master Your Tools

Do you have a number of makeup brushes but no idea how to use them? You might have a guess, but there doesn’t seem to be much difference between using one compared to another. Learning to use the right makeup brush can make a big difference to how well you can master your makeup. Plus, there are other useful tools apart from brushes that you can use. For example, many women find using a sponge to put on their foundation is much easier than rubbing it in with their hands (something which you shouldn’t be doing anyways!). Find out how to use each of your makeup tools so that you can make the most of them.


Some people make the mistake of applying a top coat of makeup right away. But there are many ways you can prepare your skin before you start adding color. For example, you might first use a moisturizer and a foundation before you put on any eyeshadow or blush. You should try a clear lip balm to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick or gloss. It will help to protect your skin and can also give you some assistance with keeping your makeup on for longer.

The Lady-like Leopard behind the scenes at Shilango's launch photo shoot - handmade Mexican jewellery

Practice on others

Not everyone is lucky enough to have patient and indulging friends. But if you do, you can use them to practice your skills. It can feel much easier to apply someone else’s makeup than your own. You don’t have to look in a mirror, and your canvas is right in front of you. When you next do your own makeup, you might have learned something from doing someone else’s.

Working on your makeup techniques can help you be much neater and more accurate. It will also give you the chance to be more creative and try new things!


This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.

INTERVIEW | Get trendy summer hair courtesy of Revlon hair stylist, Adrian Carew

For Revlon hairstylist Adrian Carew, helping you get the perfect hairstyle is nothing new – he’s been working in the industry for over 26 years. With a top Barbados-based hairstylist for a mother, working with hair was pretty much in his blood from day one. “The berry hasn’t fallen far from the tree,” he says.

I caught up with Adrian for a few tips & tricks for getting gorgeous summer tresses. Enjoy!

The Lady-like Leopard: What are the top three hairstyles this summer?

Beach Waves are holding on but more of an alternative direction with a looser feel to it. The natural curly hair vibe is being embraced worn to the effect of an Afro.

The Lady-like Leopard: How could you achieve these looks in a few simple steps?

Use a large barrel curling iron, wrap the hair around it in one direction and then wrap the other in the other direction (alternate directions). The use of setting hair in alternate size perm rods to attain different curl patterns and sizes to give you and amazing Afro.


The Lady-like Leopard: What’s the best way (or product) yo get sea salted hair when you’re miles from the ocean? 

There are so many good products out there that cater to sea salt spray but nothing better than the original and authentic thing – straight from the ocean!

The Lady-like Leopard: After a weekend away with lots of sun, how can you replenish your healthy locks?

Condition! Get to know your products and how they can work for you. Use moisture and fatty acid based products to help to replenish and infuse some repair after exposure to the sun.




floral print kimono | KINIGLAM
white retro glam swimsuit | A BOUTIQUE IN SYDNEY (it was a bday gift)
statement ring | MIZDRAGONFLY


All photos shot by Morgan Cross Photography in Deep Bay, British Columbia. 

HOW TO | Look natural – while still wearing a full face of make up

About a year ago, I interviewed make-up artist Rachel Montgomery on how to get a natural make-up look while using make-up. You know, looking like you are super naturally pretty while actually wearing primer, foundation, mascara and brow wax?

True, it may be easier said than done but once you master this look I doubt you’ll ever go back to Kardashian style make-up again (but hopefully you don’t wear that much eye liner to a yoga class anyways). Check out the original article here on Flamingo Pink or read below.

First and most important step: Prep.

“Use Bioderma Crealine on a cotton pad & clean skin. This is one of the professional makeup artists holy grail products! Its water like formula removes all traces of dirt without leaving any residue, so its not only great for general skin cleansing, but amazing if you’ve made a makeup mistake – no residue means makeup can go on straight afterwards.”

Prime time baby!

“I use Shu Uemura UV under base mousse – amazing formula evens out complexion beautifully.”

Next up, foundation.

“My favourite by far is Ellis Faas skin veil foundation. It melts into the skin and is light whilst still maintaining a good coverage. If you prefer a BB Cream, I love Garnier BB – skin always looks beautifully healthy.”

“Concealer is a must AFTER foundation and my favourite again is the Ellis Faas concealer – not at all heavy, but very effective.”

Don’t worry about your face getting shiny throughout the day.

“To give your base some stamina, I now lightly powder. If you’re worried this will make your base cake, don’t. There are many oil blotting formula these days that will simply set the base without leaving colour or a powdery effect. Some of my favs are: Bye Bye Pores – It Cosmetics by Jamie Kern (from PM Studios) and MAC Blot Powder.”

Now that your skin is done, it’s time to move onto the make-up.


“For the natural look I use very little eyeshadow. What you want is a highlight on the lids. My go to product for this is Napoleon Perdis Eye Dust in Honey Child. This beautiful skin like colour disappears to leave a beautifully highlighted effect. Gently pat on the eyelid. Line the inner rim of the eye ( water line) with Benefit Eye Bright. Curl lashes!!! I use a heated lash curler by Model Co. Gently apply mascara to the top & bottom lashes. There are so many great ones on the market. Try: Guerlain Cils D’EnferYSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux BabydollBenefit They’re RealL’Oreal Telescopic, or Maybelline Colossal.”


“Brush those brows up & fill in with Laura Mercier Brow Definer or Benefit Gimme Brow.”


“I’m a big fan of blush & for this look I think its best applied gradually high on the apples of the cheeks. I find cream blushes give a really beautiful natural look. I like YSL creme de blushStilla Convertible Lip & Cheek Blush and Benefit Lolli Tint.”

Contouring and highlighting:

“Contouring is a really important part of the natural look. Under cheekbones, the temples & under the jaw softly will create the perfect face shape. Highlight the tops of the cheekbones & very top of the cupids bow (lips).”

You’re almost done!

“Finish the look off with a gloss or a natural stain on the lips. For the body, a great product I’ve discovered recently is Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow – just gorgeous!”

See my original article here on Flamingo Pink.


BEAUTY TUTORIAL | 3 essential products for 5 minute make-up

We all have those mornings where we’re having the best dream about… well, lets not get into that but let’s say we just want a little extra sleep and all of a sudden we need to leave the house in 15 minutes and we have no idea where to start – Hair? Make-up? Outfit selections?

Here’s the good news: your hair can be whipped up into a pony tail and you can always throw on this minimalistic outfit but your make-up can be a little trickier. Guest blogger Kayla Basler tells us what her top three go-to products are.

Essential products for 5 minute make-up

I believe makeup can be a beautiful thing – not only does it enhance one’s features but it can boost confidence and self-esteem. The motto I like to keep in mind when using makeup is ‘less is more’ – advice I struggled with all throughout my adolescent years. Try to focus on enhancing one special feature and using a subtle touch to all other areas of the face. This will ensure you’re still looking fab without looking over-done.


Whether its winter or summer, moisture is essential to maintain a proper glow in the face. Not only will you maintain smooth skin, but foundation will look that much better. Dermatologists recommend using a daily moisturizer as part of a proper skin care routine, but make sure the moisturizer is oil-free to prevent breakouts. I swear by Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with sunscreen SPF 15 because it’s lightweight when applied to the skin. The great thing about this moisturizer is that it comes in a 4 fl oz. sized bottle – perfect for a handbag!


You may not be a morning person but mascara can at least help you fake it. I think every girl can agree that a good mascara can do wonders to brighten up the eyes, especially in the morning when one’s eyes look anything but. An inexpensive mascara that I love using is Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. If you’re on a budget and want something that can do the trick, check this mascara out. It’s a volume building mascara and it’s only about 5 dollars at the drug store – definitely worth the investment for a handy beauty product on the go!

Lip gloss

Colour brings attention to one of the most sensual parts of the human body – your lips. (A good idea before applying any lip gloss is making sure the lips are properly moisturized so the application looks smooth. Try mixing a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon and a half of brown sugar. Scrub this mixture in a circular motion on the lips and afterwards you will reveal some pretty soft lips.) MintTint FX is one of my favourite lip glosses right now because it gives off a subtle amount of color, without being too shiny. The other thing I really love about this lip gloss is that the mint fragrance helps freshen your breath. The colour I’m using right now is Mocha Blush and the added moisture is a real bonus.

Don’t forget to also add a bit of colour to your cheeks, a little definition to your brows and a spritz of scent and you’re good to go!


This article was written by Kayla Basler for The Lady-like Leopard.