GLO RESTAURANT & LOUNGE | My fabulous waterfront meal in Victoria

When you’re vacationing in a city as picturesque as Victoria, BC you definitely want to find a spot where you can enjoy a great view and get a fabulous meal (no one wants to sightsee when they’re hangry). I’ve got the perfect place for you: Glo Restaurant & Lounge.

Glo Restaurant is located right on the Selkirk waterfront, just opposite downtown Victoria. They have an amazing patio that looks right over to the inner harbour and down along the Gorge waterway. That’s where I sat, of course.

I had the chance to have lunch at Glo Restaurant a couple of weeks ago. I was really impressed with everything – from the food, to the service, to the interior and the overall layout of the restaurant. So, let me tell you a little bit more.


My waterfront meal at Glo Restaurant & Lounge

It was a gorgeous day when I went to Glo Restaurant & Lounge. Everyone was sitting on the patio so I decided to get the full Glo experience and sit out there too (fun fact: not only did I get a delicious meal but I left with one hell of a tan).

We decided to start out the meal with a glass of prosecco – because there’s always a reason to celebrate, right? We then moved on to appetizers: crispy parmesan polenta sticks and bacon wrapped prawns, which are served with chipotle aioli and fresh pineapple salsa.

Glo Restaurant and Lounge in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard.

Glo Restaurant and Lounge in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard.


After appetizers, it was time to order our mains. We decided on the Thai Peanut Salad and the Tan City Salad. I was this close to ordering the Buddha Bowl but in the back of my mind I knew I wouldn’t have room for dessert. That would’ve been terrible.

Thai Peanut Salad: “Your choice of either grilled chicken or pan-seared tofu, served with shaved red onion + carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, seasonal greens + snow peas with farkay noodles in a Thai peanut lime dressing.”

Tan City Salad: “Moroccan-style blackened chicken, chopped dates, roasted almonds, avocado, goat cheese, seasonal greens, oranges + fresh mint in a key lime dressing. Substitute blackened sockeye salmon.”

The salads were incredibly satisfying. The protein we ordered with them (chicken with the Thai, blackened salmon with the Tan) were both cooked to absolute perfection. The chicken was still moist and the salmon was so delicious I even ate the skin (and I never eat the skin).



Last but not least it was time for dessert. My salad was honestly so filling that I didn’t think I could possibly eat another bite – until I saw the dessert menu. I have a sweet tooth in the best of times, and the worst of times.

The two we decided on were the Cinnamon Fritters and the Torched Brulee Cheesecake. Even being as full as we were, the desserts were still divine. Ultimately we couldn’t finish them and had to take them home. They were even better later on.

Cinnamon Fritters: “Cooked fresh to order, tossed in sugar + cinnamon, served with smooth cream cheese icing.”

Torched Brulee Cheesecake: “New York style cheesecake made in-house with a crisp brulée topping.”

What totally sold me on the cinnamon fritters was the cream cheese icing – so delicious. The only thing I would change next time is to ask for caramel sauce instead of chocolate. That’s just my personal preference, they were still delightful.


Glo Restaurant and Lounge in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard.

I don’t think we even walked out of Glo Restaurant after out meal, we rolled. It was definitely worth every single bite! Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals and definitely want to go back – hello, there’s a million other things on the menu to try!

Thanks for having us, Glo! I’ll definitely be back next time I’m on the West Coast.

Other photos from Glo Restaurant & Lounge

Glo Restaurant and Lounge in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard.

The front doors at Glo Restaurant.

Glo Restaurant and Lounge in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard.

My favourite piece of art at Glo!


Another interior shot.


A view of the back patio.


The view from the back patio.

Glo Restaurant and Lounge in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard.

A beautiful spot to do a post-meal stroll.


Just me, thinking about how great that meal was.

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.


THE MAGNOLIA HOTEL | My one night stay in downtown Victoria

Hi guys! Recently I had the pleasure of spending a night at the Magnolia Hotel & Spa in downtown Victoria, BC (my beautiful home city – for those who didn’t know). I took my girlfriend Jaimie Lewis (sometimes singer, sometimes ladylikeleopard contributor – hello, I can’t take all the photos myself) with me and we had the absolute best time.

We arrived to Magnolia Hotel with great expectations and after less than 5 minutes of being there all of our expectations were completely blown away. The hotel was stunning, the staff were incredibly friendly and I was a little bit shocked yet completely excited to be greeted with “ah, Miss Morry, we’ve been expecting you”.

(Also, the freshly made in-house tea that they had served in the lobby was delicious. I’m still thinking about it as I write this post from my apartment in Toronto. Omg.)

After having my car valet parked by one stylish man and having our bags generously taken by another, we were shown to our room: the Diamond Harbour View room. It was everything we could do to keep our cool while getting settled in. As soon as the door closed and we were alone to enjoy our top floor corner suite, our jaws dropped, our eyes bulged and I swear I heard some angels sing. It was incredible.

Magnolia Hotel & Spa in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry for The Lady-like Leopard.



I was delighted to see a couple of welcoming gifts waiting for me inside our suite – totally unexpected but definitely appreciated. From Magnolia Hotel there was a card signed by the manager and director of sales alongside a box of Rogers Chocolates (a Victoria favourite) and a travel bag filled with L’Occitane products!

Tourism Victoria had also left me an info pack about Victoria, BC and a complimentary attractions pass so we could make the most of what beautiful Victoria has to offer. (We hit up the IMAX to see the mammoth movie and later, butterfly gardens and the aviation museum.)


Magnolia Hotel & Spa in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry for The Lady-like Leopard.

Our room was so gorgeous we could hardly stand the thought of leaving it. As a pre-warm up to our evening on the town, we snuggled into our plush robes, climbed into bed and opened up a bottle of sauvignon blanc. If there was a ever a reason to celebrate, this was it!

The Magnolia Hotel & Spa is known on Vancouver Island as “downtown Victoria’s favourite boutique hotel” and I can honestly say now that it’s mine too. Magnolia Hotel is located right downtown and is within walking distance of the gorgeous inner harbour, cool shops, tasty restaurants and endless entertainment.





Magnolia Hotel & Spa in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry for The Lady-like Leopard.

After lounging around in our robes (they were incredibly soft) for probably longer than we needed to, we decided it was time to head outside and explore downtown Victoria. We went for a walk in the inner harbour, ate the best pasta ever at Pagliacci’s, stopped in for an Aviation cocktail at Little Jumbo and then returned back to our palace – oh, I mean hotel.




Once again we crawled under the sheets, turned on a movie and soon went to sleep. I’m telling ya, they shouldn’t make the beds that wildly comfortable because I didn’t want to get up at all. But in the morning we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed to head down to the Catalano Restaurant for breakfast.

I had the Catalano Waffle, which is stuffed with double smoked bacon & emmental cheese and served with fresh fruit, vanilla whip and maple syrup – doesn’t get much tastier than that.



Magnolia Hotel & Spa in Victoria, BC. Photo by Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry for The Lady-like Leopard.

I was treated like a queen and couldn’t have imagined having a better stay than I did. I would definitely give the Magnolia Hotel my #ladylikeleopard stamp of approval and I can’t wait to go back! Next time you’re in Victoria make sure you book a room at Magnolia Hotel & Spa (book here) – and get ready to live luxe!

Thanks for having me stay, Magnolia! Look forward to coming back again.

2016 SIGNATURE tha lady-like leopard melina morry

WEEKEND IN ANNAPOLIS | How to do a mini getaway in Maryland, U.S.A.

When I was first was invited away for a weekend in Annapolis I thought to myself, okay surely they mean Indianapolis or Minneapolis because I’d never before heard of Annapolis. Had you? Thought so. But knowing it or not, I quickly snatched up the opportunity to go!

Unless you know that Annapolis is home to the U.S. Naval Academy, there’s probably a slim chance that you know much more – but to my pleasant surprise there is actually a lot of different ways to have an amazing weekend in Annapolis, Maryland.

My girlfriend and I packed our carry-on bags and headed off to our flight to Philadelphia and from there took an Uber through the rural farmlands of Pennsylvania, Delaware and finally, Maryland. We had no idea what to expect but ended up having an incredible weekend in Annapolis and here’s how you can too.

What to do on a weekend in Annapolis, Maryland

weekend in annapolis, the lady-like leopard by toronto fashion blogger melina morry

1. Take a boat through Chesapeake Bay to Pusser’s Caribbean Grille.

Shortly after arriving (and celebrating with a couple margaritas) we all piled into our hosts boat and sped away through Chesapeake Bay to have dinner and drinks at Pusser’s Caribbean Grille. We pulled the boat right up to the edge of the restaurant and climbed on board the wharf – which also happened to be right at the bar, score! For dinner I tried the crab balls and the jerk chicken + pineapple quesadilla – both of which were really delicious!

weekend in annapolis, the lady-like leopard by toronto fashion blogger melina morry


2. Go for a spa day at Bella’s Nails.

Before we attended our friends pool party birthday bash, we had to get our mani/pedis done! Hello, you can’t show up to a party lookin’ a hot mess when there is the potential of handsome men attending. (I say potential, but it was more of a fact.) Bella’s Nails was recommended to us and we loved it. The services were quick, thorough and the staff were actually hilarious. My whole manicure was spent hysterically laughing – it’s a wonder my OPI “Miami Beet” polish went on without a spot out of place!

weekend in annapolis, the lady-like leopard by toronto fashion blogger melina morry

3. Have a pool party!!!

What kind of summer weekend getaway would be complete without a pool party? We were celebrating the 50th and 30th birthdays of the two gentlemen we were staying with and let me tell you, these guys know how to party! We had a full service bar, all the food you can imagine and a special set performed by Dj Dirty Panda. I wore one of my favourite summer dressed from Kookai and my handmade head chain from Kanvas Jewelry.

weekend in annapolis, the lady-like leopard by toronto fashion blogger melina morry


4. Grab lunch at Potbelly Sandwiches.

We were starving when we stumbled across Potbelly Sandwiches at Westfield in Annapolis. We had been looking for healthier options and this seemed to be the one! The sandwiches we tried (chicken salad on regular bread and turkey breast on flat bread) were delicious and the chilli we added on the side was really satisfying too. They also had a live musician playing guitar inside which added to the fun atmosphere.


5. Head up to Washington, D.C. for a political tour.

You’re so close to Washington that it would be a shame not to go see where the president lives (well, at least while Obama is still president and hopefully where Clinton will be next). We were insanely rushed when we were in Washington and almost missed our flight but it was still pretty cool to be able to say we’ve now been there, done that.



black dress | KOOKAI
gold sunglasses | QUAY AUSTRALIA
black velvet choker | DIY


white one-piece bathing suit | BOUTIQUE IN CROWS NEST, AUSTRALIA
fringed kimono | KINIGLAM
gold sunglasses | QUAY AUSTRALIA


white dress | KOOKAI
head chain | KANVAS JEWELRY
gold sunglasses | QUAY AUSTRALIA
lipstick | ‘BOSS’ BY DANILEA

2016 SIGNATURE tha lady-like leopard melina morry

TRAVEL GUIDE | 5 things to do in New York City

Every time I go to New York City, I try to do at least a few things that I haven’t done before or go to places I haven’t been. I mean, New York has so much to offer so why would you want to get stuck in the same old rut? Beats me. So what are 5 things to do in New York City?

On a recent trip to the Big Apple with VANE Airport (my other editing gig) we, of course, made time for all of our business meetings and editing sessions but you can’t have all work and no play – that’s just wrong. So once the work was done we got right into the New York lifestyle.

It’s time to get your passports ready, follow in my Saint Laurent clad footsteps and check out the top 5 things to do in New York City!

5 things to do in New York City

5 things to do in new york city


5 things to do in new york city. sushi roxx

Eat the best sushi you’ll ever have at Sushi Roxx

Hands down, Sushi Roxx is the most entertaining sushi restaurant I’ve been to. It feels less like you’re dining out and more like you’re having the most amazing sushi at your best friends house party. The waiters double as performers (we had a beautiful serenade of Mariah Carey’s Hero) and the owner, Jason Apfelbaum, regularly makes his way around the tables to make sure everything is as phenomenal as it should be. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu (Jason sent us out a selection of his favourites – all of which were divine).

5 things to do in new york

Do rooftop yoga with a view of the Empire State Building

This is a great way to calm yourself down from the hustle & bustle of the city. When you’re 15 stories up and striking an impeccable mountain pose, you’ll forget that there are thousands of people rushing to work and fighting over cabs right down there on the sidewalk. Plus, you can #twin with the Empire State Building. Namaste!


Have extremely dirty martinis at Vandal New York

Vandal is a hip, eccentric and artistically decorated bar where you can get a filthy martini and stimulating conversation (I think I had too much of both). The inside boasts an exposed brick interior and floor-to-ceiling graffiti art on the walls. Plus, there are a lot of handsome men in suits that frequent Vandal and can you really go wrong with that? Definitely not.

5 things to do in new york city

5 things to do in new york city

Score amazing designer deals at Beacon’s Closet

I’m all about getting a deal on high-end designer clothing – especially in New York. I stopped into Beacon’s Closet on W 13th Street a couple times during my one week stay in Manhattan. On the first day I scored a Wilfred dress for $14, which was nice, but it was the second time that I really hit the jackpot: Yves Saint Laurent caged heels for $45, Marc Jacobs kitten heels for $25 and a vintage fringed leather jacket with embossed leopard print (I’m very into “being the brand”) for $40. There was so much more but unfortunately my wallet said no.

5 things to do in new york city

5 things to do in new york city

Visit Times Square in a bad ass outfit

Each time I go to New York City a visit to Times Square is a must. People say it’s too crowded and commercialized and whatever, but I like the experience. It’s so vibrant and unlike anything anywhere else in the world. True, this time when I went there I was in a bit of a mood (don’t we all get like that sometimes?) and almost wanted to karate chop someone, but I didn’t, okay?

Until next time NYC – which could be sooner than you think! On my next trip I promise to bring you back even more things to do in New York City.


white neoprene dress | ATELIER GUARIN
white neoprene coat | ATELIER GUARIN
vintage fringed leather jacket | BEACON’S CLOSET
vintage YSL caged heels | BEACON’S CLOSET
black suede bag | SEED HERITAGE

white t-shirt | TOPSHOP
vintage denim | LEVI’S
vintage fringed leather jacket | BEACON’S CLOSET
navy blue + metallic kitten heels | MARC JACOBS


TRAVEL REVIEW | Rimowa luggage from Toronto to London

I’ve done my fair share of travelling – although, not nearly enough – but I’ve never put much thought into the luggage that I take with me. For a recent trip to London, UK with VANE Airport Magazine I was able to step up my suitcase game with a set of Rimowa luggage and let me tell you, it made all the difference.

My editor thinks I’m completely insane because I smile more when talking about my Rimowa luggage than any guy I’ve been talking to on bumble.

Maybe I am, but if you’ve ever travelled with a set of Rimowa polycarbonate, patent red, grooved, Salsa Deluxe suitcases, you would understand.

rimowa lugagge from toronto to london

First of all, it was a piece of cake to whip around the airport (and down the sidewalks of London on the way to the hotel) and the four wheels on the bottom made it really convenient to keep the suitcase right by my side while dashing from gate to gate instead of dragging miles behind me.

Secondly, it looks amazing. You can’t discount the visual appeal of your suitcase when you’re supposed to be travel blogging in style! It matched my dark red leather trench coat that I wore on the plane and the red accents all over London. Hello – the phone booths, buses, Pret-a-Manger takeaway coffee lids.

It also matched perfectly with my hotel room! What a coincidence. (Photo below.)

travel review - rimowa salsa deluxe luggage

My other favourite feature of the Rimowa luggage was the inside packing system. There is tons of space in the pockets to fit smaller items and there’s an adjustable flap that closes over your belongings to make sure everything stays snug inside. The adjustable part came in extremely handy after making a few purchases up and down Oxford Street…

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 5.52.51 PM

I would definitely recommend travelling with Rimowa for your next trip! There are heaps of different suitcases and features to choose from – you’re bound to find one that fits in with your travels and your travel wardrobe.

Rimowa has also launched the first ever digital check-in for your luggage – meaning you can check your bags from home and simply drop them off once you get to the airport. I’m hoping I’ll be able to test drive one of those to show you guys sometime too!


BEAUTY REVIEW | Eyebrow extensions at T.O.’s newest hot spot, The Beauty House

When it comes to brows, lashes and ‘sugaring’ (more about that later) The Beauty House in Toronto is the best of the best. Trust me, I’ve been there. Just in time for fashion week beauty prep, I was invited down the The Beauty House to experience first hand what they’re all about.

They’re known for their superior lash extensions but as luck would have it, I’d just gotten mine done a few days earlier – so instead I went for the eyebrow extensions. Yes, eyebrow. I’d never even heard of that but as you know, brows are the defining characteristic of your face, so you better have damn good ones (jokes).

I’m obsessed with brows. I haven’t always gotten them right – at least I admit that – but I figured if anyone could, it’d be the ladies at The Beauty House.

Fashion & beauty blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard gets eyebrow extensions from The Beauty House in Toronto, Ontario. October 2015.

Check out those brows!

I was so happy with how they turned out. I wish I could have them all the time! It was so refreshing not to have to do a single thing to them during my regular make-up routine. No gel, no powder, no pencils – just perfect brows around the clock.

The ladies at The Beauty House were so welcoming and friendly (and all had perfect brows) too. I would definitely recommend anyone to head on over to The Beauty House for any of your beauty needs. (Book your appointment here.)

Oh, yes, and more about sugaring: it’s “a safe, gentle and more effective way to remove unwanted hair, with the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and conditioning the skin.” Who the hell needs waxing when you have body sugaring?!

Thank you ladies! Hope to be back soon.