BEAUTY WISHLIST | The ultimate cosmetics to give yourself this Christmas

Christmas time is part of the year that we want to look our best because, well, it’s full of parties and get-togethers. Who doesn’t put their best stiletto-clad foot forward for a holiday party? But that means a lot of naughty food, coffees to get you awake in the morning post-hangover, and a fair bit of festive cheer in the form of alcohol.

So the time of year you want to look your best can end up being the team of year that you actually look your worst! Yikes – I’m not about that at all. To help combat this, you should gift yourself a cosmetic themed beauty gift for Christmas! Something that will help you look and feel you best during this hectic party season.

BEAUTY WISH LIST | The ultimate cosmetics to give yourself this Christmas

BEAUTY WISH LIST | The ultimate cosmetics to give yourself this Christmas the lady-like leopard

Beauty Wishlist: New brushes

A fab cosmetic gift to treat yourself to this Christmas season is some new brushes (I got a new set from MAC). Just think about how many times you apply your makeup. At least once a day, maybe twice if you are going out in the evening. So wouldn’t it be lovely to have a set of great quality brushes to do that with?

Top of the pile at the moment are the toothbrush-shaped variety. They have super soft bristles and make it super easy to get a polished soft look without much effort.

Beauty Wishlist: A luxe item

If you’re into larger gifts and gestures – especially when it come to getting them for yourself – you may want to think on a bigger scale. You could get yourself one or two super expensive products like a Kiss Kiss lipstick or a $200 face cream.

Then there are, of course, those huge gift sets that cost an arm and a leg but are worth it. How about a few days at a world famous spa, beauty treatments included of course! What better way to recoup from all that partying over Christmas and New Year than with a spa getaway?

Beauty Wishlist: A little tweak

You could go with the biggest gift of all and book yourself it for a little nip and tuck. Plastic surgery is not so taboo anymore and many normal everyday people use it to make maximize their natural looks.

There are all sorts of procedures to choose from. But one of the most popular is a nose job – honestly, I’ve been considering one since I was 8. If you are thinking about something like this, then speak to a rhinoplasty surgeon beforehand. You’ll be able to find out about all the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. You might want to leave it until after Christmas until you get it done though.

Beauty Wishlist: A plethora of minis and travel sizes

Maybe you are someone that doesn’t want to get themselves a big present for Christmas, but like have a little bit of everything? Then why not treat yourself to a selection of travel size or mini products?

A lot of the big brands are doing these, as they are a great way to try some iconic items like Benefit’s high beam without breaking the bank.

You can even look out for high-end free samples being sold on auctions sites. As they cost very little but you still get the quality and luxury of using a high-end product. Just make sure that they are genuine ones and not fakes! No one likes a fraud.

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION | How to get movie star looks on a barista budget

How do they do it?  We’ve all looked at a celebrity who always seems to look flawless, and asked ourselves that question. Of course, the answer is usually that they have a team of stylists, personal trainers, makeup artists and life coaches. There are people pulling strings behind the scenes to make them look great all the time.

Even when all that fails, there’s someone touching up their photos. It’s important not to hold yourself up to perfect standards, but you can still want to look like a glamorous movie star sometimes. The only problem is, you’re not exactly rolling in cash like they are. Fortunately, you can still find plenty of tips and tricks to look like a movie star, even if you don’t have their budget.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION | How to get movie star looks on a barista budget

kendall jenner the lady-like leopard


Flawless Skin

Perfect skin is often the first thing that many people notice about various celebrities. Of course, in photos, a lot of it may be down to retouching the images. However, many celebrities do have genuinely good skin. This can be down to a number of reasons, from lifestyle factors to the products they use. You can often find them, particularly women, talking about their skincare routines. Some of the advice sounds sensible, while you might think other things are a bit dubious. You have to use your own judgment and perhaps try out a few things if you want to work out what’s helpful and what isn’t.

One of the things you might notice is that many celebrities will start to use the same types of products. They can seem very expensive, though, and definitely not affordable on your budget. Luckily, it’s easy to seek out cheaper alternatives. For example, some celebs started using skin products with bee or snake venom in then. The ingredient is meant to help tighten the skin and encourage collagen production. While many products were very expensive at first, you can now find cheaper versions very easily. Ultimately, however, the best way to get good skin is to live a healthy lifestyle and to keep it clean and moisturized.

Pinning Down Perfect Hair

Celebrities always step onto the red carpet without a hair out of place. But, of course, they have had someone working on it for the last couple of hours. Not only that but they have a range of products and services to help keep it looking presentable all the time. You don’t need an expensive stylist if you want to have flawless hair. You just need the patience to take care of it on a regular basis and perhaps learn some styles you can do yourself. One of the main things to focus on is knowing what your hair needs. Everyone’s hair is different, so don’t assume you can treat it the same way as your best friend’s. Another thing to consider is volume. Celebrities often seem to have beautiful hair even when they haven’t done much with it. One of the reasons for this is that they inject volume into it, using blow dries and volumizing products.

The hairstyle you choose can be a big part of getting a flawless look too. Anything too complicated is sometimes better left to a stylist. It’s also important to have realistic expectations. Do you have a couple of flyaway hairs that won’t settle down? You could smooth them down with product, but there’s something important to remember. When you look at photos of celebrities, those tiny hairs have been airbrushed out.

Personal Trainer Body

Of course, then there’s the perfect celebrity body, which may or may not be obtainable. While no one is flawless all the time, many celebs have personal trainers, strict diets, and grueling workout routines. In the absence of a personal chef and a celebrity personal trainer, you can still treat your body as a temple. In fact, you don’t even need to be rich to have a personal trainer. You can have someone train you at the gym, at home, or even over the internet if you want. Their prices are easily affordable because they work for ordinary people and not celebs.

But if you don’t like the idea of a personal trainer, it’s perfectly possible to look after your body on your own. If you want a celebrity body, you first have to decide what that means. It might mean being slim and toned, or perhaps you want to have a bit more muscle. You can pick up some great tips from celebrities and their trainers on how to keep fit. If you find the right routine to follow, getting the body you want doesn’t have to cost you much of anything at all.

Movie Star Smile

Another thing it’s hard not to notice about celebrities is their teeth. They’re brilliantly white, straight, and often very uniform too. There are some things you can only achieve with your teeth if you visit a dentist. But that doesn’t mean that improving your teeth has to be an extremely expensive venture. If you have dental insurance, that will help to cover some costs. Even if you don’t, you can find a way to pay for cosmetic dental work. One thing you can do at home is teeth whitening. You can use strips or kits from your dentist to brighten your teeth yourself. Have a look at some testimonials from your dentist or read more teeth whitening strip reviews here.

Getting a Celebrity Wardrobe

It’s important not to forget about dressing the part too. You’ve probably found yourself admiring a celebrity’s clothes, only to check and discover that they cost more than a month’s salary for you. However, finding cheaper alternatives is usually very easy. If a celeb is wearing something that’s in style, you can always find high street versions of it. Try looking in magazines and at blogs for some examples. There are lots of clever people who will hunt down almost exact copies of a more expensive piece of clothing or accessory.

You don’t need a huge budget to look like a celebrity. If you look past designer labels and fads, you can look just as stunning for much less.

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BEAUTY HACKS | The top beauty DIYs to try this winter

Winter time is here!  It’s not always the best time beauty wise – which is why I’ve come up with some lifesaving (or skin saving at least) beauty hacks to try out this winter. Stock up on these tips and tricks and I promise you’ll survive the season in style. 

BEAUTY HACKS | The top beauty DIYs to try this winter


Beauty Hacks #1: DIY Cream Highlighter

Powder highlighters can look cakey on dry winter skin – and I prefer to eat my cake rather than wear it on my face. Who’s with me? So, instead you can create your own liquid highlighter by blending your favourite champagne-hued eye shadow, with a tinted moisturizer. Just rub your finger in the shadow and mix it with the moisturizer in the palm of your hand. Dab a little on the top of your cheekbones, down your nose and on your brow bone for a healthy glow.

Beauty Hacks #2: Use Tea Bags To Soothe Dry Lips

If your lips are cracked and wind-bitten, make yourself a cup of tea, then put the tea bag over your lips. Just like the tannins in the tea can immediately hydrate and soothe a sunburn, it’ll do the same for your dry, lips. You’ll feel the difference instantly – not to mention be insanely kissable and who wouldn’t want that during mistletoe season?

Beauty Hacks #3: Use Lip Balm On Rough Cuticles

Not only are lip balms great for you lips, they can work wonders for your cuticles too! Winter’s dry air can be tough on nails and the surrounding skin. To help avoid those painful, ragged cuticles, massage a little lip balm onto them. Hello, hand model. 

Beauty Hacks #4: Ease A Dry Scalp With Sugar

Just like the rest of your body, the skin on your scalp can get very dry and flaky in the winter. You can gently remove dandruff (and product buildup) by adding a teaspoon of fine granulated sugar to the amount of shampoo you normally use to wash your hair.

Massage your scalp with the pads of your fingertips and the granules will dissolve as you rinse. You’ll be left feeling flake-free and gorgeous.

Beauty Hacks #5: Make A DIY Lip Scrub

Who needs to buy an expensive lip scrub when you can make one yourself? Just mix one tablespoon of organic, raw cane sugar and one tablespoon of organic honey together, then rub the mixture over your lips gently until all flakes are gone. Dab off the excess and swipe on your fave lip balm for cushion-comfy lips! Do this before bed and roll on a heavier balm to soothe your lips overnight. (Lip balm manufacturing companies have a lot of advice on the best lip balms on the market.)

Beauty Hacks #6: Apply Body Lotion After The Shower

Just like applying moisturizer to your face in a steamy room will lock in hydration, so will moisturizing your body right after your shower. Towel dry yourself lightly in the shower, then slap on that body butter. This will prevent moisture from evaporating and drying out before you can lock it in. Seriously, anyone dare to feel my skin? It’s heavenly. 

Beauty Hacks #7: Wash Your Face Without Water

When skin is already dry, water can further irritate and dry it out more. For the winter months, consider using a cream or oil-based soap-free facial cleanser. Massage it onto your face, then dab it off with tissue. Without using water. The product will dissolve makeup and attract dirt away from your skin, while leaving its natural, healthy oils intact.

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WINTER BEAUTY TIPS | How to keep your skin looking fresh this winter

Winter can be especially hard on our skin, so  it’s important even more so to keep it moisturized to avoid any dryness or problems.

If you live in a particularly dry air area, or a place where the water is particularly hard, then you’re likely to suffer from dry skin in the winter even more so,  and it can actually be very painful and a somewhat embarrassing problem, making it difficult to wear make up and feel confident during the winter.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to remedy this, and you can easily find a good fix that works for you by maintaining a proper skincare routine during the winter months so you can easily keep your skin looking fresh all through the winter.

WINTER BEAUTY TIPS | How to keep your skin looking fresh this winter


What you eat

Obviously our diet plays a big role in how our skin looks, so things like drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is definitely key here. Fruits and vegetables that are particularly good for keeping you hydrated and moisturized are things like pomegranates, oranges due to the vitamin C content, cucumber, watermelon and grapes, among others.

What you drink

Also drinking lots of water that’s either bottled if you live in a hard water area or filtered, or if you live in an area that has soft water, then you can also drink it straight from the tap, which will save you money, too.

If you do live in a hard water area, you need to consider things like getting a filter for your shower because this can leave a lot of the residue from the water on your skin and cause more dryness.

How you moisturize

Moisturizing after you’ve been in the shower with either a very strong moisturizer that is particularly formulated to prevent dry skin or reduce it, but even more so are things like coconut oil that can be applied to damp skin to lock in moisture and keep it soft throughout the day. This not only protects the skin, but it  doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals, so coconut oil is a perfect example of Vegan Skincare, but if you don’t like the idea of applying  coconut oil to your skin there are also plenty of other places where you can find alternative solutions that are right for you.

If you’re really struggling with dry skin and you find it’s not going away or getting worse each year, then you can also speak to a dermatologist who can advise you on the correct steps to take based on your skin type and other factors that may be causing your skin to be so dry.

When you take off make-up

The other important thing that you need to make sure of is if you wear makeup during the day to remove it in the evening before you go to sleep, and also apply something to keep your skin moisturized overnight.

Dry skin in winter is not an uncommon problem, but it’s certainly not comfortable and something, if you’re currently faced with it every year, you can easily get help with it. The most important thing is to take care of your skin as much as possible, and speak to a professional about what options are available to you.

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.

LAST MINUTE GIFTS | A guide to a few of my favourite things

We all know that one person who leaves gift getting to the very last possible second. (In this case, I may or may not be talking about myself.) It’s always good to have an idea of what you can use as last minute gifts for those time crunch situations. This is another way of having a chill and stress-free Christmas.

That’s not to say that these gifts aren’t as good as the ones you plan months ahead for. Oh, no. Quite the contrary actually! These gifts are the creme de la creme of gift giving because although they were purchased late, they will make such an impression that no body will suspect a thing.

Trust me, I’ve got your back.

LAST MINUTE GIFTS: A guide to my favourite things

For the girl who is lip-obsessed and wants Kylie Lip Kit but better:

Lips by Danilea made it onto my list last year too because, well, they’re just that good. I use my lippies at every chance I get and can never get enough of them. People compliment me constantly on the colour of my lips when I’m wearing any of my four lipsticks. And here’s the best part: if you don’t have a boyfriend, you can have one now (in a super cute shade too). You’ll be ready to smooch under the mistletoe in no time. Or perhaps have that New Years Eve kiss?

The new ‘STREETS’ collection features a perfect holiday duo that comes in a handmade ‘mini constellation’ bag.

For the girl who’s sweet, but could be a little sweeter:
Prairie Girl Bakery

Yes, I said it. We all have that friend that people describe as being “a b*tch until you get to know her”. So, let’s use our Christmas spirit and sweeten this girl up. There’s no better way to do that than with my all time favourite cupcake destination: Prairie Girl Bakery. They have every flavour you’d want (Irish cream on chocolate, anyone?) and they all taste like rainbows, unicorns, sparkles and every bit of magic in the world combined.

There are 15 regular flavours and 3 “treats of the week” on the menu to complete your most delicious gift yet.

For the girl who spends more time on a plane than at home:
Travel Beauty

If this girl is anything like me, she probably has a toiletries bag packed and ready to go at a moments notice. Hairbrush, toothbrush, deodorant, mini bottle of shampoo – you name it, it’s in there. Travel Beauty has a great selection of carry-on-friendly products to bring with you on your flight. Even if they seem like they’re too big, they’re probably not. But if you’re unsure check out my post about which items are good to go.

Create your own customized travel kit in a sleek Travel Beauty cosmetics case. Hint: all travel-friendly products are marked with an icon.

For the girl who thinks she’s a better photographer than Kendall Jenner:
THEIT Camera Bags

This girl probably takes photos on her iPhone 6s right now but she’s probably getting a Nikon for Christmas and she’ll definitely need something stylish to put it in. A canvas camera bag? Ew, think again. THEIT‘s camera bags look like designer handbags on the outside but have all the photography bells & whistles on the inside. If she’s anything like Kendall too, she’ll be doing lots of travelling and will need a stylish carry-all.

The COLT camera bag in black is on sale for $263USD and available now for pre-order.

For the girl who’s constantly on-the-go and wants to look gorgeous at all times:
Stowaway Cosmetics

When a typical day includes flying from your apartment, to the gym, to work, to evening cocktails, to even-later-evening cocktails, you need to be able to touch up in between. Cue: Stowaway Cosmetics in a perfectly sized package. Stowaway makes make-up to fit into your busy life and your favourite clutch. And the best part of all? It’s small enough that you’ll actually be able to finish it before it expires.

Browse their Right-Size Gift Guide for the best kits for your boss, your work wife, your BFF and more.

For more ideas, check out my 2015 Christmas Gift Guide.

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

All photos from respective instagram accounts: @theitbags | @stowaway | @prairiegirlbakery | @bydanilea | @_travelbeauty


BEAUTY IN YOUR 30s | Amazing beauty tips you need when turning 30

There is nothing wrong about turning thirty. After all, age is just a number. Unfortunately, our biology doesn’t agree that age isn’t just a number. Once you hit the big thirty, your face will start to age, and you will have to alter your skin care routine. But that isn’t all, though. Here are my top beauty tips that you need to know ready for turning thirty.

BEAUTY IN YOUR 30s | Amazing beauty tips you need when turning 30

BEAUTY IN YOUR 30s | Amazing beauty tips you need when turning 30

Wear Sunscreen

Try to remember to wear sunscreen every day. You read that correctly: every day! Even on cloudy days, if you are out for too long in the sun, your skin will be affected by the harsh UV rays. It’s just that you might not notice it quite as much on cloudy and cool days. If you are continually exposed to the sun, your skin will start to age prematurely. One other thing to remember is that when wrinkles are caused by the sun, there is nothing you can do about them. Unlike wrinkles caused by stretching, which can be reduced by various beauty treatments. Once the sun creates wrinkles and age lines, they are there to stay!


Exfoliating is one of the steps of a skin care routine that you can afford to forget about while you are in your twenties. However, that will change once you hit your thirties. There are many benefits of exfoliating. But the older you get, it is important as it can help your skin stay soft and supple. It does this by removing the top layer of dead cells. You will be able to find some facial cleansers that double up as great exfoliators.

BEAUTY IN YOUR 30s | Amazing beauty tips you need when turning 30 the lady-like leopard

Thinning Hair

You may not need to worry about thinning hair until your late thirties, but it is worth being aware of this now. As we age, we start to naturally lose our hair. This may start off slowly, but it is a good idea to get on top of it early before things get bad. The best way to prevent losing too much hair is to boost hair growth with specialist shampoos. Just be sure not to get caught up in a hair loss protocol scam.


I’m sure moisturizing would have been the main part of your skincare routine up until now, right? Well, it needs to stay that way. Even once you are in your thirties, moisturizing is a crucial part of skincare. Make sure you are using moisturizer at least once a day. Ideally, apply it just before you apply your makeup. Not only will it help your skin stay soft, but it will also help your foundation and powder stay in place throughout the day.

Find Your Perfect Hairdresser

Sick of your hairdresser not getting you? Now is the time to hunt through town for a hairdresser that truly understands what you want. Once you are thirty, you won’t have time for haircuts that don’t quite cut it. So get out there and find your perfect hairdresser now!

Scared about turning thirty? Don’t be – at least your beauty won’t suffer with these tips!

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.

TRAVEL BEAUTY | 5 products you can pack in your carry-on

When you’re trying to travel light and only bring a carry-on suitcase, it can be difficult to figure out what you can actually pack – no one wants to have their bags double searched and have their favourite lotions tossed away. With the help of beauty essentials from Travel Beauty, I’ve rounded up 5 products you can pack in your carry-on.

Don’t let the size of product packaging fool you! Sometimes a jar of moisturizer can seem like it would be excessively large but can measure in at only 99.9ml (the limit is a strict 100ml). Thankfully, with these products you won’t have to think twice.

5 Travel Beauty products you can pack in your carry-on suitcase

1. Sapelo Skin Care – rejuvenating cream, $240, 50.28ml
This oil based cream would be perfect to bring on a flight to rejuvenate your skin after all that recycled air. Best of all, the lid can be screwed on extra tight so there’s no worry about it leaking in your bag. (The worst!)

TRAVEL BEAUTY | 5 products you can pack in your carry-on

2. Arimino – bamboo moisture veil, $33, 78.96ml
This amazing moisture veil locks in hydration to your locks to keep your hair healthy and to fight frizz. I don’t know about you, but my hair is always a disaster when I get off a plane – definitely need a bottle of this in my carry-on!

travel beauty

3. Lavido – purifying facial cleanser, $29, 99.95ml
This one is a close call – it’s only under by .1 of a millilitre! But you’ll be fine going through customs. It opens up your pores and thoroughly cleanses your face for a deep clean which is something we can all use right after a flight.

travel beauty

4. Heaven Skincare – silver bee venom mask, $91, 29.57ml
This unique mask uses actual venom from bees to help tighten, calm and rejuvenate your skin – also known as “Beetox”. Heaven Skincare’s bee venom mask comes in two different sizes but they’re both under the 100ml travel limit.

travel beauty

5. B. Kamins Laboratories – lip balm, $19, 14.79ml
If you’re anything like me and your lips get super dry on a flight, then lip balm is always a must to bring with you! It also has SPF 20 in it so if you’re heading to a sunny location, it’s the perfect balm to bring.

travel beauty

Check out more products that you can pack in your carry-on from Travel Beauty here. Enjoy looking beautiful on your next flight!

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THE RIHANNA BOB | My RiRi inspired blunt bob by Anna Giannini

I am a hair chameleon. In the last 5 years I’ve had shoulder length hair, asymmetrical hair, blonde hair, half shaved hair, wispy layered hair, hair half way down my back and now, the Rihanna bob – my personal favourite.

But then again, I guess all of my different hair styles have been my favourite at one point or another. (However I’ll never again do the half shaved look – what a pain to grow back, ugh.)

On my last visit to New York City I got it in my mind that I was sick to death of my current haircut and I just had to chop it off. It was a bit of a compulsive decision – like many decisions in my life – but I knew I had to do it.

Upon coming back to Toronto I started thinking about going just a little bit shorter, more blunt, above the shoulders and inspired by what is now commonly known as The Rihanna Bob. I had a similar haircut when I was eight but I think back then it was known as The Posh Spice Bob.

I teamed up with hair connoisseur Anna Giannini to get the perfect Rihanna bob at the salon where she works, Mosaic Hair Group in Forest Hill. Anna has been working (and teaching) with hair for over a decade and I can definitely vouch for the fact that she knows exactly what she’s doing. Hands down, the best haircut ever.

My very own Rihanna bob by Anna G Stylist

The Rihanna Bob as seen on Melina Morry, Toronto fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

The Rihanna Bob as seen on Melina Morry, Toronto fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

The Rihanna Bob as seen on Melina Morry, Toronto fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

The Rihanna Bob as seen on Melina Morry, Toronto fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.



fringed leather jacket | BEACON’S CLOSET
black suede bag | SEED HERITAGE
earrings | MICHAEL HILL
sunglasses | PERUVIAN MARKET
matte brown lipstick in ‘BOSS’ | LIPS BY DANILEA

Follow more of Anna’s hair styling on her instagram @anna_g_stylist and stay tuned for our next collab post where we’re going to show you 3 different ways to style the Rihanna bob!

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STOWAWAY COSMETICS | 7 questions with co-founder Chelsa Crowley

I’ve been doing more and more travel lately (Paris, London, New York City) and have found that it’s really quite annoying to try and stuff all your full sized cosmetics into a small enough bag to throw into your carry-on. I mean, what if I want to touch up on the plane because there’s someone really handsome sitting beside me? I can’t very well whip out a full blown makeup bag. 

Recently I discovered Stowaway Cosmetics – a makeup brand bringing you smaller, travel sized, superb quality products. Stowaway products are designed for the woman on-the-go because they know “you are busy and are doing big things”. Not only are they amazing for travel, but the small package size allows you to actually finish a product before it expires.

This is probably terrible to even admit but I’ve been one in the past to keep makeup around for way too long just because I feel bad throwing it out when it’s still half full (I’m a glass half full, makeup half full kind of girl). Gross, right? I can feel all the makeup artists reading this cringing right now. Sorry.

After stumbling across this incredible brand, I had to know more. Check out my interview with Stowaway Cosmetics co-founder, Chelsa (Julie is the other half to the duo) – and get ready to love this product.

7 questions with Chelsa Crowley of Stowaway Cosmetics

Chelsa and Julie of Stowaway Cosmetics. The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry.

The Lady-like Leopard: You were a makeup artist before creating Stowaway. What was the biggest inspiration behind starting your own makeup brand?

I began my career many years ago as a makeup artist, later I moved in-house with Clinique to work on product education. Before starting Stowaway with Julie, I freelanced on the editorial side of beauty, most recently, in-house at Bobbi Brown on blog/social & editorial content for the brand.

I don’t think these experiences made me want to create my own brand, no. It was more about solving what Julie and I found frustrating about the beauty industry. She wanted products that fit into her bag since she likes to start the day at the gym and I knew that products expired and how its damn near impossible for women to get through any products before [they do].

We had different frustrations but the end solution was the same: smaller products that fit into our lives. Simple, luxurious products that contain only ingredients that actually do something for your skin (none of those fluffy marketing ingredients) and only safe ingredients. None of those preservatives you often see in beauty products.

The Lady-like Leopard: What are some tips for taking a day-time makeup look to night-time cocktails?

I would say the easiest way to do this is a bold lip! I’m a big fan of a red lip, it’s the easiest and quickest way to change it up after a long day at work. Also, it can help make you look a little more alive after a long, tiring day.

Stowaway Cosmetics. The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry.

The Lady-like Leopard: I love what you’ve said about Stowaway products aiming to be the LBD of makeup. Is that what inspired the sleek & chic packaging? (And obviously the fact that Stowaway is an essential in every girls makeup case!)

Aw, thanks! But not really what inspired the packaging or product. We were inspired to make ours and other women’s lives easier starting with her makeup bag. That said, decision fatigue is REAL! Who wants to shuffle through 10 different red lipsticks? Not us!

We wanted to create a beautiful shade that was perfectly balanced between blue and orange undertones so it looked amazing on the majority of skin tones. Not to toot our own horn, but we nailed it. Our Scarlet’ lip colour is on point.

As for the packaging, we wanted to make something simple and beautiful. Julie and I are minimalists in a lot of ways and when you walk into any beauty store or counter, everything is in clunky jars with gold or silver filigree, shiny black packaging that over-shadow the product inside, and silly sexy-kitten type names. We wanted to give women the option to carry something simple – simple, yet gorgeous. Something you can pull out at the gym, on a date, at the office, or even a black tie event and feel beautiful anywhere.

Julie and Chelsa of Stowaway Cosmetics.

The Lady-like Leopard: What are your favourite beauty trends for spring/summer 2016?

Hmm, honestly, I kinda hate trends. I feel like they come and go and we’re always left [to] go back to the same things: products that make us feel like ourselves but maybe a little prettier. That perfect concealer, mascara, or lipstick that is always there for us. I feel like makeup is a simple pleasure and we all love doing it but sometimes the trends can feel convoluted and distract us from the pleasure and simplicity it should be.

That’s not to say I haven’t been that girl who’s been suckered into buying that pantone of the year eyeliner or lipstick shade but hey, no one is perfect!

The Lady-like Leopard: What is the one Stowaway product you absolutely couldn’t live without?

Ha! That’s probably the hardest question I get asked. I can’t choose just one, it’s like trying to choose your favourite child or something. They really are all my favourites, though I will say that our BB cream and concealer are really something special.

Stowaway Cosmetics. The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry.

The Lady-like Leopard: Stowaway is big on being able to finish products before they expire and having limited waste. Enter: Stowaway Recycling! Have you seen a good reaction to this aspect of the brand?

Oh, yes! We are huge believers in not wasting. We hated the idea of buying expensive products and then tossing half used items and never finishing a lipstick, ever. So when we were creating Stowaway we always had recycling in the back of our minds.

Obviously, if we are finally creating something that women can finish, we wanted to give them the option to recycle those empties–and get rewarded for it to boot! We’ve received amazing feedback from our customers on this which was super exciting for us and we loved that we were able to get our recycling program off the ground on Earth Day!

We are half the size of your premium cosmetics you’re used to buying but at half the cost. Plus, now with recycling, you can feel good about your purchases. Why compromise?

The Lady-like Leopard: Tell us a bit about what we can expect from Stowaway in the future!

Lots of new products! However, remember I said decision fatigue is real… so we are never going to be super SKU intensive. We still want to provide women with great, simple, paired down products without all the fuss. Stay tuned, we have so much up our sleeves – which all starts rolling out this month and continues to the end of the year.

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HOW TO | Get your body ready for the beach with these 3 simple steps

The good weather is coming (fingers crossed) and there is plenty to do. Are you planning a vacation overseas or you just love heading to your local beach? Your body has been hiding under clothes for months while the weather has been bad, so now is the time to reveal the beauty of your body and get ready for that trip to the beach! Here’s what to do.

Get your body ready for the beach

Skin Care

Your skin may not have seen much sun in the last few months. It may be pasty, dry, and in desperate need of some attention. Start with giving it a good soak in the bath – showers can add to the dryness of winter – and use a good body moisturizer when you come out to rehydrate the skin. Add an extra glass of water a day to your diet to help the skin cells stay hydrated from the inside out. 

You can also buff your skin with exfoliators and scrubs. This will increase the circulation. It will also help remove those dull and dead skin cells that make your skin look rough and dry. Always perform this gently! You don’t want to end up with red skin or soreness. Once you have soft, supple skin again, it’s time for hair removal.

Get your body ready for the beach

Hair Removal

Removing your unwanted body hair is a task most of us wish we didn’t have to do. You may choose daily shaving to keep skin hair and fuzz-free and although waxing is a more painful approach, it lasts much longer. It also leaves a softer finish as it removes hair from the roots. Epilating is a similar way of tackling the problem. It can take longer than waxing, though, and can sometimes cause ingrown hairs.

If you want to reduce how often you have to tackle your body hair, it may be worth considering laser hair removal (previously I’ve done this with my bikini line and it works wonders). You have to have several treatments to see any permanent effect, so now is the time to get started. It’s pain-free and can reduce how often you have to shave or wax. Hair may be thinner too, making the job a lot easier to manage.


Get glowing

Lots of us need a little something extra for our skin when we head out into the sun. In addition to the essential sun protection cream, tanning lotion can help give that bronzed look we love. There are several different kinds, each offering a different degree of colour for your skin. The trick is not to go too much darker than your natural tan colour. You want a healthy glow that doesn’t look fake.

Choose products that will give you protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Careful application of tanning lotions can offer a great look without you having to be in the sun at all. To avoid sunburn, wear a sun hat, and only stay out for short periods of time. If you’re on the beach all day, make sure you can cover up when you’ve had enough.

If you want to look incredible this summer, take care of your skin now. You can also try a few toning exercises with light weights to give your legs and arms that sculpted look. Enjoy the sun with care. See you on the beach!


This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.