ABOUT The Lady-like Leopard


Melina Morry, Toronto Fashion Blogger, The Lady-like Leopard

The Lady-like Leopard was created one evening in 2013 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia over flutes of champagne and bubbly brainstorming. I wish all my ideas had such glamorous beginnings, but then again, you never know when inspiration will strike.
I originally studied fashion design in Victoria, Canada before moving to Sydney, Australia to pursue journalism and my love of writing. After a year abroad, I decided it was time for some fresh scenery, packed up my definitely-not-Louis-Vuitton luggage and headed for somewhere I’d never been before: Toronto.
The topics I write about on The Lady-like Leopard have anything and everything to do with my new experiences in my new city – mainly fashion, beauty and travel. I love what I do and every day being able to work on something I’m proud of makes me happy as a clam. (I’d prefer an oyster, but that’s not a saying is it?)


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