PERFECT HOLIDAYS | How to plan the dream getaway

If you only get a couple of days or weeks off work in a year, then what better way to spend those precious days off work than flying off to a different country to melt away your stress and troubles? Enter: The Perfect Holidays.

A holiday doesn’t need to be expensive and it’s usually worth the effort and money investment. However, that doesn’t mean you can just book a flight and hotel then expect to see results. It takes hard work!

Not only can doing some research save you money, but it’s also a good way to fill your schedule with fun and interesting things to do. Don’t arrive at a country with no plans on where to go—that would be a huge waste of time! (Not to mention, a total disaster.)

To make sure you get the most out of your holidays, here are some essential points to consider when planning a trip abroad.

PERFECT HOLIDAYS | How to plan the dream getaway


How do you want to travel?

This is important because it will define how relaxing (or bearable) the journey is and also the amount of money you have to spend. For example, Jet Charters are great if you and a group of people want to fly in private and in style. You can hire a private jet for you and your group, and you won’t need to deal with long check-in lines, transfers or sharing the plane with others. However, if you’re only planning a short trip to somewhere in your country or nearby, then perhaps driving or taking a train is a more affordable option.

Research where you want to visit

Don’t research tourist attractions alone. You can also focus on places to eat that the locals enjoy, delicacies that are found in remote locations or traditional festivals and celebrations that will occur during your stay. In fact, it might even be worth planning your holiday around a tradition. For example, if you plan to visit China, then visit at some point during Chinese New Year if you want to experience wonderful celebrations and embrace Chinese culture.

Make a list of all the places you want to visit and check how feasible it is to visit all of them in a single trip. Even if you miss some places, you can always visit next time! Some great places to look are food blogs, travel guides and YouTube videos.


Brush up on local knowledge

A phrasebook can come in handy when visiting a country where you don’t know the language. Because a lot of street signs and information might not be in a language you know, it’s a good idea to brush up on things like public transport and taxi phrases. Do some research and check if there are local travel cards that allow you to top up money and pay for transport with a simple card scan. This makes it easy to get around the city or country you’re in and you won’t need to fumble about with cash.

You might also want to research about local cultural differences. You don’t want to make a hand gesture or say something offensive by accident, and you don’t want to offend the locals by doing something questionable to their culture.

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THE TRUMP AMERICA | Yes, there are still reasons to visit the USA

A few days ago President Trump (I don’t even like calling him that but whatever) was sworn into office, and I’m sure the last thing you’re thinking about is your American travel plans. Trump has already started planning changes to the country with his administration but the main theme certainly seems to be Nationalism. So, what does this mean for people heading over to visit the country of stars and stripes in 2017?

THE TRUMP AMERICA | Yes, there are still reasons to visit the USA

THE TRUMP AMERICA | Yes, there are still reasons to visit the USA - The Lady-like Leopard

Getting In Could Be Fun

With regards to immigration and visitation, nothing has changed yet but it might worth keeping an eye on the Official ESTA website. It’s quite possible that Trump will start making it incredibly difficult to travel from some countries into America. Particularly, if you were paying attention to any of his promises while he was on the campaign trail.

There was even talk of banning all Muslims from entering the country. Disgusting. This idea seems to have been quietly abandoned but now that Trump’s in power it could easily turn up again. Chances are any changes to travel are only going to affect immigration. So as long as you are staying for less than 90 days you should be fine. (Key words: should be.)

Womens March 2017 - The Lady-like Leopard

Tensions Are Running High

When visiting America this year, remember only around 23 percent of the country’s population voted for the sitting president. So, you will definitely be entering a divided population. It’s best to stay clear of politics completely and instead enjoy the sights, the sounds and the beautiful scenery of the grand ol’ USA.

It’s impossible to predict what America is going to be like in just a few months from now. But it’s almost a guarantee there’s going to be a large part of the country’s population that isn’t happy about it. After all, let’s not forget that the protests against the president attracted a larger showing than the actual inauguration.

Broadway, New York - The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry

Hamilton’s On Tour

There is some bright news, though – the fact that depending where you go in America, you might spot a showing of Hamilton! The massively popular and constantly sold out musical is now on tour. You can see it in Chicago, Boston, Washington, DC and many more states through the year.

It’s well worth checking out, if you can get a ticket. Despite the increase in shows it’s still incredibly difficult to get a seat. The shows often sell out in minutes and privately sold tickets can cost thousands. But that just means if you do get a seat, you won’t be disappointed.

Disney World, Florida - The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry

Avatar Land Is Finally Opening

After years of wait, Avatar Land will also be opening in Disney World Florida so it’s the perfect time to finally take the kids. Traveling there you’ll see floating mountains, cyberborg plant life that responds to touch and of course the Na’vi. You’ll also get the chance to ride a banshee and it’s certainly not the only reason to visit Florida this year. There’s also Universal Studios new water park built around an artificial volcano that gushes out litres of water!

So, there are still plenty of reasons to visit the USA this year. It’s certainly not all doom and gloom, even though it can definitely feel that way right now. For an anti-Trump must-see that I can’t wait to visit, check out Shia LaBeouf’s latest performance.

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WHO’S THAT GIRL? | How to get even more fabulous in 2017

Have your new year resolutions fallen by the wayside already? The excesses of the festive season can leave you feeling physically and mentally exhausted – and you might have gained a few extra pounds in the process. So it’s entirely understandable if you’re feeling a little jaded and lacking in self-confidence. It’s not too late to make 2017 your best year yet, so here’s what to do to make sure that you feel your most fabulous ever. 

WHO’S THAT GIRL? | How to get fabulous in 2017

WHO'S THAT GIRL? | How to get even more fabulous in 2017 - The Lady-like Leopard

Exercise regularly

Yes, there is a little effort involved, but it really is worth it. You don’t have to take up marathon running to reap the benefits of regular exercise – your routine could be as simple as taking a brisk walk every day. Your skin will look great, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll feel mentally able to cope with anything.

Drink more water

Many people don’t drink enough water, believing fizzy drinks or tea and coffee to be just as good for staying hydrated. Start your day with a glass of cool H2O for a cleansing and invigorating way to wake up. Drinking water throughout the day means that you are much less likely to overeat, and you’ll feel much more energized and alert than usual.

WHO'S THAT GIRL? | How to get even more fabulous in 2017 - The Lady-like Leopard

Eat like a queen

You can’t expect to feel on top of the world if your diet is filled with cheeseburgers and chocolate. To feel and look your best, cook homemade meals from scratch that include fresh ingredients and lots of veggies. It might take a bit of time and energy, but your mind and body will thank you for it!

Rejuvenate your skin

Sleeping in your makeup, tiredness and stress can all cause your skin to look tired and even a little more lined than you’d like. Make your skin glow with a great new moisturizer and regular cleansing and toning routine. If you need a bit of extra help to keep the march of time at bay, consider Botox injections to reduce wrinkles.

WHO'S THAT GIRL? | How to get even more fabulous in 2017 - The Lady-like Leopard

Update your wardrobe

Assess your clothes collection with a critical eye, and decide what works and what doesn’t. If nothing else, this will give you a great excuse to hit the shops! Get great advice on how to give your wardrobe a boost, and you’ll look forward to getting dressed every morning.

Change your mind set

It doesn’t matter how great you look if you don’t feel good inside. Try affirmations to help your mind catch up with your body in the greatness stakes. Repeat affirmations like ‘I am a beautiful, confident woman’ (or whatever words work for you) in front of the mirror every day. If you do this often enough, you will believe it – and then your confidence will soar!

WHO'S THAT GIRL? | How to get even more fabulous in 2017 - The Lady-like Leopard

Ditch the dead wood

You know those ‘friends’ who drag you down with criticisms and ‘helpful’ suggestions on how you can improve? Steer clear of them, or cut off contact altogether – you’ll feel better almost instantly!

You deserve to be brimming with self-confidence, so take control by taking action. You won’t regret it!

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YOUR BEST FRIENDS WEDDING | How to be an exceptional maid of honour

Your best friend is getting married and you’ve been asked to be the maid of honour. Obviously, you’re ecstatic! There are few things in life more exciting than watching the people you love get hitched – and being a part of the celebrations is the cherry on top.

If you’re taking on the coveted role of MOH, here are some tips to help you excel.

YOUR BEST FRIENDS WEDDING | How to be the best maid of honour

YOUR BEST FRIENDS WEDDING | How to be the best maid of honour the lady-like leopard melina morry

Planning and preparation

A wedding is, of course, about the bride and groom – but there’s a lot to do. It’s helpful to know that there are people around that are happy to help out. Let your best friend know that you’re available if she needs you. Perhaps she’d like some advice when it comes to deciding between two venues, or she’d appreciate your input with choosing flowers or centrepieces. Get together to chat about ideas, and help her track down dresses, wedding bands or designer cakes.

It’s often the little things that get on top of brides when they’re in the throes of planning. Just when you think you’re getting somewhere, you realize that you’ve still got loads to do! This is where you come in handy.

You can help with making calls, getting quotes, and checking availability. You can also source ideas for decorations, personal touches, and invitations. Look through magazines, search sites like Pinterest, and have a look at what you can find online. If you’re looking for invitations, for example, you can show her designs like those from Pure Invitation wedding invitations.

One of the best things about being maid of honour is organizing the bachelorette party. If you want to the event to be a surprise, sit down with the bride beforehand and get an idea of what she’d like to do. Ask her for a guest list, so that you don’t miss anyone off or invite people she doesn’t see anymore.

Once you’ve got a list of names, you can start contacting guests and throwing around some ideas for dates. Meet with the other bridesmaids, and go through some options for locations and activities. Work out a budget (this one is really important). When you’ve got numbers, you can start planning in more detail, and making reservations. At all times, bear the bride in mind. Remember that it’s not your party! If she didn’t want anything too crazy, don’t organize a wild night on the tiles.

De-stressing and having fun

Planning a wedding can be stressful so try and be there for your best friend, and encourage her to de-stress and have fun. If she’s had a hectic week, get the girls together for dinner, hit the shops, or pop round for a chat after work. Let her offload and rant if she’s stressed out or feeling frustrated. It’s important that you offer a shoulder to cry on or a sounding board. Try and keep her calm, and do something fun to take her mind off spreadsheets and seating plans.

Getting ready for the big day

For most people, their wedding day is the best (and biggest) day of their lives, so it’s important that your best friend looks and feels amazing. In the run-up to the wedding, book some hair and makeup trials, and go along with her to give her advice and help her choose the look she’s going for. Try and keep her relaxed. The night before the wedding, you could book a massage and have a girly night in!

On the day, be there to make her feel calm as she prepares to walk down the aisle. It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with a roomful of people who are all there to see you, and it’s reassuring to have your best friend beside you. Take charge of practical matters, such as holding flowers, arranging the veil, and topping up makeup throughout the day. Finally, have fun together. When your favourite song comes on, spin each other around the floor, or head to the photo booth to get those snaps you’ll display on your fridge for years to come.

Being maid of honour is not something you’ll do every day, so make the most of this responsibility and be the best friend you can be. Planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming – your friend may need your help and advice. Be there for her, help her out with wedding-related tasks and try and save her some time and effort.

Away from the spreadsheets and budgets, let her know that you’re there to listen, offer advice or just take her mind off everything and organize a fun catch-up. Make an effort to plan the best bachelorette party ever, be there when she needs you and try and keep the bride calm as the big day approaches. On the day, enjoy every moment and do everything you can to make sure the same applies to her!

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WINNERS IN YOUR WARDROBE | Following fashion with what you already have

As a fashion lover, it can constantly feel like your budget can’t stretch to your desires. There’s always a new trend to try out or a new pair of shoes you just have to have. But what about things that you already own? You might have a few winners in your wardrobe that you’ve completely forgotten about. 

The fashion that we are meant to covet is usually expensive. The equivalent of a month’s rent for a single pair of shoes? It seems insane. Then we see the shoes, the beauty of the curved lines and heels that will make our legs look ten times longer, and all of a sudden it seems more reasonable. Or does it?

Inevitably, there are moments when we really, really can’t afford the things we want. Fashion is a world that constantly moves and it seems like a lot of the time, only the super-wealthy can keep up with the trendiest and most expensive items on the hot list.

For the rest of us, we make do with what we can as the styles change and we try to make our closets keep up – and try to find those winners that you already have. 

This is not something to worry about though! In fact, it should be celebrated – because not having the money to follow fashion religiously gives you a chance to do something else: be creative. When you have to think outside the box for every outfit you wear, you encourage yourself to be truly experimental.

So if you have found yourself splurging on expensive pieces, then not having enough for rent and wondering “will I have to sell my Rolex today so I can pay my bills?” – stop the cycle now! Instead, introduce yourself to a world where what’s in your wardrobe is sufficient – you’ve just not been using it right.

WINNERS IN YOUR WARDROBE | Following fashion with what you already have


Wardrobe Win #1: Adapt your clothing

Say back in the 00s you had a pair of jeans that you loved. They fit like a glove and you felt fantastic in them. They were the perfect fit on both your waist and hips – really, how often does that happen?!

The only problem is that they’re bootcut.

The fashion has trended away from the style, but you still love the jeans. They still look great on – from the knee up, anyway. The same applies to skirts as the fashionable length moves up and down the leg constantly.

Repurpose them with the help of a good tailor. Switching from bootcut to skinny is a small job that will cost a lot less than a new pair of jeans. Skirt and dress hemlines can be raised with ease; lowering is a little trickier, but it can be done. You can breathe new, fashionable life into your wardrobe this way.

Wardrobe Win #2: Try A Simple Base

Cultivate a set of simple base outfits, which you can then layer new fashions onto. A pair of jeans and a plain shirt; a black dress; a skirt and cardigan combination. Keep the colours neutral so they work with anything. Then, when the new season colour or trend comes around, swap in a few accessories to keep things looking up to date. The same foundation of the outfit remains, but you only have to spend on a few pieces rather than a whole ensemble.

Wardrobe Win #3: Wear whatever you like

Want to wear something from former fashion glory days without altering it? Then do so. If anyone asks, just tell them it’s early vintage. It takes confidence to pull this off, but it’ll make your wardrobe timeless in one fell swoop.

This is one of my favourite way to dress anyways. I really don’t care what’s “on trend” at the moment. If I like it, I’ll wear it and that’s all there is to it.

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Sex and the City photo: Pinterest.


READY FOR THAILAND | Unique things you should do to have a fab time

When you are thinking of somewhere to go for your next holiday, Thailand is definitely a place that should spring to mind. After all, the country is full of amazing things which will make for an amazing holiday, whatever your age.

The cities are fantastic to visit if you’re looking to do some sightseeing and shopping and if you want some more adventurous activities, there are lots of options too. There are many unique things you can do in Thailand to ensure you have a fab time! Here’s what.

READY FOR THAILAND | Unique things you should do to have a fab time

READY FOR THAILAND | Unique things you should do to have a fab time the lady-like leopard

Experience the crazy nightlife in Bangkok

One thing you should do while in Thailand is experience the crazy nightlife in the capital city of Bangkok. The nightlife is well-known around the world to be one of the craziest. And it can also make for a memorable night out if you’re willing to brave the crowds.

Some of the best bars are located on the rooftops which give you amazing views out across the city. You can soak in the views while enjoying a cocktail or two. And if you are willing to brave it, you could check out the red light district. It has a wider entertainment scene, so you aren’t just going to get the well-renowned strip clubs.

Just make sure you go with another person and stick together while in Bangkok. And only go inside clubs that are busy as you know they are popular and are going to be safer than quiet bars!

Volunteer at a school

For something a bit different, you might want to do some teaching while you are in Bangkok. After all, you will come away feeling like you have done a good deed if you volunteer at a school for a couple of weeks. While you are teaching them some English, you will pick up some of the Thai language too!

It can help you to become more cultured by spending time in their communities. Teaching isn’t the only thing you can do if you want to volunteer in Thailand. There are lots of other opportunities which will ensure your holiday is a fantastic trip you will never forget.

Go to a gourmet food market

If you have a taste for delicious food, you should opt to go to a gourmet food market while you’re in amazing Thailand. After all, you will get to try all the incredible delicacies they have to offer – you might even find a new favourite food while you’re in the country. One place you could consider going is the Commons Market in Bangkok. With a large market, you can try lots of different foods and find something that tickles your taste buds!

But before you get ready for Thailand, learn some of the basics of the language. After all, it might help you to get directions from the locals and you’ll find the locals will treat you with more respect if you attempt to speak their language first.

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SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION | What happened when I deleted all my apps

Usually I’m pretty adamant in saying that I do not have an addictive personality. Coffee? I love it, but don’t have to have it. Smoking? Tried it a couple of times and I wasn’t impressed. But checking my phone constantly and lighting up alongside my notifications? Yes, you guess it. I have a social media addiction.

It’s bad. First of all, I check my phone when I wake up in the morning even though the screen blinds my sleep-filled eyes. Then, to say I check it again multiple times during the day is a gross understatement. Finally, I do a nightly scroll before going to sleep.

Or at least I used to do all these things.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION | What happened when I deleted all my social media apps

social media addiction - fashion journalist melina morry at the magnolia hotel photographed by morgan cross

I’m tired of being addicted to my phone and social media. Not only does it eat up countless hours of your life – and sometimes, your day – it can also have a profound affect on your mental health. Think about it for a second. If you’re constantly looking at perfectly styled, made up and edited photos of beautiful human beings, what’s that going to do for your self esteem?

Sometimes (okay, maybe more than sometimes) I find myself so caught up in admiring and slightly envying these online people that I forget to compliment, love and embrace the fact that I am also a beautiful, intelligent and real woman.

social media addiction - fashion journalist melina morry at the magnolia hotel photographed by morgan cross

A little while ago I had a mini freak out about the pressures of social media and decided to cut myself off from it cold turkey. I woke up and thought, no online obsession is going to rule my life! I deleted all social media apps from my phone and even went as far as deactivating my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I lasted a day and a half.

See?! It’s actually really hard. But with big names like Kendall Jenner, Kanye West, Daisy Ridley and Justin Bieber deleting their social media accounts at one point or another too, is detoxing from social media every now and then necessary to live a “normal” life?

I feel like I don’t even know what a normal life is anymore. But I can tell you that I miss the days of not knowing everything about everyone right away. One of the coolest things you can do is maintain your mystery. Nobody – and I mean nobody – needs to see what you’re up to every second of the day.

social media addiction - fashion journalist and blogger melina morry photographed at magnolia hotel by morgan cross photography - the lady-like leopard 2017

So far I’ve actually deleted my Snapchat, Pinterest and one of my Tumblr accounts – with no regrets or second thoughts. I just can’t be concerned with keeping up with more than I need to. I’ve made it one of my 2017 resolutions to cut back on my social media addiction and if you’re willing, I recommend you try it too.

My advice? Live in the moment, appreciate the real life people in front of you and remember to love yourself even if your hair is a mess, you don’t have any make-up on and you’ve just binged an entire bag of guacamole/habanero Doritos while watching Key & Peele.

Ps. If you’re considering deactivating your Instagram account, beware that when you reactivate, it will re-tag everyone you’ve ever tagged before. It was so awkward to get all these messages from people asking “uh, why did you just tag me in that photo from 2014?” – oops.


velvet slip dress | NORDSTROM
velvet skirt | VINTAGE
‘FINLEY’ ankle boots | KENDALL & KYLIE
lace choker | DIY

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All photos by Morgan Cross Photography (website, facebook) at Magnolia Hotel & Spa



WARDROBE RE-VAMP | How to re-vamp your wardrobe for a new you

New Year is a time for resolutions and many people decide to lose weight, quit alcohol or cigarettes, or generally improve their health. Though attainable, many of these goals take time, which is why so many give up, so taking small steps to improve confidence and well being on day one can greatly improve chances for success.

Unsurprisingly it’s often women that are aiming to improve appearance through weight loss and new fitness regimes. A recent Daily Mail article revealed that only 3% of women in the UK were actually happy with their bodies and that many felt that the emphasis on celebrities and unrealistic expectations by the media were to blame.

PERSONAL STYLE | How to re-vamp your wardrobe

personal style by fashion journalist melina morry of the lady-like leopard

Self-care is sometimes overlooked when parents have young children to look after and it’s easy to put health and appearance on the back burner. In an increasingly image conscious world many find it hard not to compare themselves with others, and while confidence should come from the inside, taking steps towards great health and well being can be a positive thing.

Eating a healthier diet, doing regular exercise and reducing stress can certainly help. Incorporating daily meditation and incorporating mindfulness techniques into the 9-5 routine is beneficial in promoting positive thought patterns. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol can also health with weight loss, improve skin quality and increase energy levels.

But that’s just the start. While taking care of the inside it’s important to take care of the outside too and getting a new haircut, a facial or a manicure can give people an extra confidence boost, making goal achieving more likely. When you look better, you feel better and well-being is vital element for success.

Clothing and image can be important too and the first thing to address is the wardrobe. Aside from creating a nicer living space, de-cluttering can alleviate stress and promote well-being; throwing out all those unwanted sweat-pants, hole-y jumpers and only keeping items that bring joy can be liberating. Arranging clothing in colour order from dark to light also makes it easier to see see clothes and put together outfits that work.

This goes too for underwear drawers, an often overlooked part of the bedroom often inhabited by greying ‘full’ briefs, saggy bras and uninspiring pyjamas. Investing in some matching bra and knicker sets or some elegant nightwear from retailers such as Vanilla Night & Day bras and lingerie can be a good start to the wardrobe re-vamp.

Not only is a drawer full of neatly folded elegant lingerie a beautiful thing but wearing it may encourage the wearer to feel more confident, sexier and in control.

Feeling confident in the present is the key; losing weight is an admirable goal, taking long walks in the countryside and more sleep are all life-affirming resolutions… but beginning to feel more confident today is the challenge and dressing for the person that you want to become, is a pretty great start.

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HOW TO ACCESSORIZE | 3 stylish ways to accessorize like a boss

Accessorizing your clothes has come a long way since the matchy-matchy styles of the 80s and 90s. If your belt, shoes, and bag are all the same shade of pink, then it is time to step away! Styles are more eclectic now as people choose to wear a variety of different colours, textures, and materials. Accessories really can make the difference with an outfit.

Think of a little black dress, for instance. It’s so versatile in its style, since it’s pretty much a blank canvas. But think how much better the dress would look teamed with the right pair of shoes or statement necklace. Some people are just naturally good at nailing their accessories – and some aren’t. 

If you need a little inspiration and guidance, read on. Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you are accessorizing your outfits like a boss.

HOW TO ACCESSORIZE | 3 stylish ways to accessorize like a boss


Mix Metals

When you think of jewelry or things like belts, it is a good idea to mix up the metals that you use. Layered rings is a popular trend at the moment, with above-the-knuckle rings and thumb rings, as well as different thicknesses and designs. But you want to avoid it matching where possible.

The best piece of advice is to pick your favourite shade; whether that be yellow gold, silver or rose gold, for example and make that your base for the accessories. Then choose some contrasting pieces to make the accessorizing look effortless. If you’ve got a rose gold watch, then you could have one or two rose gold rings. But mix it with some yellow gold rings too, to keep it fresh.

Personalize It

Though you might shop at non-designer stores, it’s easy to make it look like you do. It’s all about the accessories! Instead of choosing run-of-the-mill accessories from popular stores, think about some more unique and individual pieces. Look in thrift shops or vintage stores for some one of a kind pieces. You could also get things like stamped necklaces with a quote that is personal to you. When your accessories are personal, it gives your style a classy and designer edge.

Always Accessorize a Little

It is important not to overthink your style. But it is a good idea to accessorize at every occasion. You don’t have to do everything all at once either. It might not be a good day for rings, so you could think about accessorizing with a scarf or pashmina. Don’t leave the house without adding one to your outfit, especially when wearing all-black-everything. Add a cuff bracelet to a dress instead of a necklace, for a change.

You might think that when it is cold outside, there isn’t time to accessorize as you’re focussed on keeping warm. But there are things that you can do. Step it up with your shoe-game, for instance. They can make a statement when the rest of you is bundled in layers. Just always make sure you have something that gives a nod to your signature style.

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PREGNANCY STYLE | How to stay stylish during your pregnancy and beyond

When you are expecting, it can be hard to feel stylish. After all, the pleasures of things like morning sickness can make you feel less than perfect every day. However, there are ways you can still look (and feel) good while pregnant.

After all, just check out stars like Blake Lively and Natalie Portman on the red carpet while pregnant for inspiration! And after the baby is born, you can still look like a fashionista. So, here are some great tips you need to ensure you stay a style queen during your pregnancy and beyond.

PREGNANCY STYLE | How to stay stylish during your pregnancy and beyond


Focus on accessories

One thing that doesn’t have to change while you’re pregnant is your accessories. You can still wear those stunning necklaces and bracelets that you did before! You might want to go for a cute scarf which will be perfect for keeping you and your baby warm during the cold season. Don’t be afraid to go for hair accessories like a floppy hat or a cute bandana to complete that cool look.

Look into designer maternity wear

You don’t have to turn your back on trends just because you’re having a baby. In fact, some of the designer ranges have gorgeous maternity clothes. Therefore, you can still look fabulous while having a baby – just make sure you don’t spend too much on the clothes, after all, you’re only pregnant for a few months! Once your baby has arrived, you might be surprised to know that a lot of the ranges actually do their own baby clothes. For example, you can find Dior for babies so you can ensure your little one looks just as stylish as you!

Stick to your normal style

Just because you’re going to be a mom, it doesn’t mean your style has to change. If you’re a fan of skinny jeans and leather jackets, still wear these during your pregnancy. After all, it might make you lose confidence if you start dressing in clothes that you think you should be wearing, rather than ones you love. Stay true to yourself to still be a style queen during your pregnancy!

Go for simple colors

A lot of people make a faux pas when it comes to choosing clothes for their pregnancy. They tend to go for bright colours which end up not being very flattering. And patterns are also a no-no when it comes to pregnancy. Therefore, to ensure you look great during your pregnancy, you should opt for simple colours like black and grey which will give you a flattering look – even during the last few months and beyond.

Consider a staple wraparound dress

It’s hard to choose dresses when it comes to pregnancy. Some women go for tight numbers which show off their bump, while others prefer something a bit more subtle. One good option you should consider is a staple wraparound dress. As it says in this article, it shows off your bump while offering a comfortable fit. And the plunging neckline can help you to look appealing during your pregnancy too!

And remember to pick clothes which are comfortable. After all, it’s the most important thing during your pregnancy!

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