NEW YORK CITY 2016 | My short and sweet getaway to the Big Apple

When your best friend from across the world comes to New York City for the first time, you drop everything and go meet them. Simple as that. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Even though I could’ve spent an infinitely longer time there – like, let’s say, the rest of my life – we definitely made the most of what we had.

I try to hit up new spots whenever I visit NYC. I’m always down to hit up the regulars too but I like to broaden my horizons. Especially in Manhattan.

This time we explored The High Line, shopped at Chelsea Markets, pigged out at Shake Shack, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and dined at the Wythe Hotel. Of course, we also did things I’ve done a million times like go to Times Square and walk around Central Park. But those things never get old, do they?

I was already lucky enough to spend a week in New York at the beginning of this year and didn’t think I’d get back for a while. Guess you never know how things will work out! Anyways, here’s a little photo diary of my time spent in the Big Apple.

New York City 2016 (part two)

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

New York City - Toronto fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard 2016

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

DESTINATION WEDDING | What to wear if you’re tying the knot abroad

Have you ever dreamed of having a destination wedding? Maybe somewhere on the beach in Mexico or under a palm tree in the Bahamas? Well, you’re not alone. Many people are now choosing to fly off into the sunset to tie the knot, but figuring out what you need to bring with you can be the tricky part.

Destination weddings are bigger than ever – and when you book one you’ll usually be assigned a rep to help you with all the details so that everything is taken care of without a hitch.

However, one thing they likely won’t provide too much help with is what to wear on your big day. To be honest, you probably wouldn’t want them to anyways. Deciding what to wear is a pretty personal thing so it’s best to do it on your own and get exactly what you want.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be as simple as just picking anything though! Depending on where you’re going to get married, you’ll definitely want to be dressed appropriately.

For example, princess dresses may not be entirely comfortable on a tropical Indian Ocean beach and a bikini is probably not what you’ll feel most suits the occasion while exchanging vows in Lapland. But then again, to each their own. 

What to prepare (and wear) for your destination wedding


There are many places online that are completely dedicated to destination weddings, such as websites, stores, and even blogs that will provide you with tips on what to wear, the expected weather conditions when you plan to get married, and style tips for inspiration.

But it’s not just the weather you have to consider when you’re getting married abroad. You’ll also have to take into consideration things like your own style and your partner’s style. You may opt for a more casual look with white sneakers, but if your partner prefers a more formal look, then someone will have to compromise.

Also, whether or not you’re having a themed destination wedding and if your chosen outfits really fit into this theme.

In addition, depending on where you’re getting married, you may also want to look up different things relating to culture and customs in that country. For example, you may choose to have a traditional Polynesian ceremony, and therefore, want to make sure you understand all it entails and make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

Another issue could be that in certain countries, you may be required to have certain parts of your body, such as shoulders or legs covered, so in this case, you’d have to look into the different options for covering up so as not to offend or end up in trouble.

When booking your destination wedding, your assigned rep or wedding coordinator will usually go over any issues like this, but it never hurts to be more prepared for any eventuality just in case.

If you’re planning to have other people attending your wedding, such as bridesmaids and groomsmen, etc. then you’ll also want to think about what they’ll be wearing. Then you can make sure it all fits in with what you’re wearing and the overall theme of the wedding.

Another thing you should consider is that your clothing may be quite bulky and heavy, so make sure your luggage allowance doesn’t get affected when trying to transport them. Some airlines will allow you to carry items, such as wedding dresses with you in the cabin to avoid any potential problems – such as lost luggage.

You may also want to look at taking out additional or special travel insurance for your wedding for cases like this. The company who you book your destination wedding with may also be able to advise you further on this, but it makes sense to ensure that you’re covered for any problems.

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard. 

CLASSIC WHITE SNEAKERS | Why everyone needs a pair in their wardrobe

Classic white sneakers are absolutely necessary in every wardrobe. These are one pair of shoes that I don’t believe you can do without. Why would you when there’s so many reasons to love them, anyways?

Today I’m talking about my Vans from Union Jack Boots. I’ve been wearing them for the past three days straight – each time with a different outfit (obviously) – and I’ve found that they work with every #ootd I throw on. No joke.

Here I’ve paired them with my favourite pair of distressed denim, which are getting to be a bit old (A.K.A. distressing in areas you don’t want distressed) and I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair. I did these ones myself from a pair of thrift store jeans and think I’m going to have to search for a new pair very soon.

Also, how cool is my bell sleeve top? I’m obsessed with anything bell shaped and flared at the moment. I got it from Zara last week for $19. Yes, fast fashion at its finest. (At least it didn’t have a rodent sewn into it. Yikes.)

Okay, now let me convince you why I think everyone needs a pair of white sneakers.

Top 5 reasons to own classic white sneakers

CLASSIC WHITE SNEAKERS | Why everyone needs a pair in their winter wardrobe. The Lady-like Leopard, fashion blogger Melina Morry. Photo by Daria Shkolnikova.

1. They go with everything.

I’ve paired mine here with my fave ripped jeans, a Zara bell sleeve top and a DKNY denim choker but that’s just a one of a million different ways to style classic white sneakers. They pair just as well with shorts and a tank as they do with a flowy summer dress or wide leg trousers. Sneakers are a great way to give a more casual vibe to dressier outfits too.

2. They mould themselves into any style.

Think about all the different cliques that Janis Ian describes in Mean Girls. I would bet you anything that at least one person from each of those groups owned (and rocked) a pair of classic white sneakers. When they weren’t wear army pants and flip flops, that is.

3. They transform to fit the scenario.

You can wear them on the street, you can wear them out to eat. You can wear them at a bar, you can wear them near & far. Okay, I’ll stop with the Seuss-like rhyming, but it’s true. You can wear them anywhere, any place, any time.

4. They’re a good alternative to flats.

As someone who tries to steer clear of flats – sorry guys, they’re just not my thing – I love wearing sneakers. I have all kinds and colours of sneakers but my go-to is always a classic white pair. The reasons are all laid out in this post.

5. They never go out of style.

Think about it. Classic white sneakers have been in style since before Archie Andrews fought over Betty & Veronica at Riverdale High. I also remember that my mom wore a pair of white sneakers when I was a kid but they were no where near as cool as my Vans (sorry mom).

CLASSIC WHITE SNEAKERS | Why everyone needs a pair in their winter wardrobe. The Lady-like Leopard, fashion blogger Melina Morry. Photo by Daria Shkolnikova.

CLASSIC WHITE SNEAKERS | Why everyone needs a pair in their winter wardrobe. The Lady-like Leopard, fashion blogger Melina Morry. Photo by Daria Shkolnikova.


CLASSIC WHITE SNEAKERS | Why everyone needs a pair in their winter wardrobe. The Lady-like Leopard, fashion blogger Melina Morry. Photo by Daria Shkolnikova.


bell sleeve top | ZARA
ripped denim | DIY thrift store denim
denim choker | DIY cut off the bottom of my DKNY jeans
white Vans sneakers | UNION JACK BOOTS

Shop for your own pair of perfect white sneakers here and shop the pair I’m wearing here.

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

All photos by Daria Shkolnikova. 

TEXAS VACATION | Amazing Texan spots to add to your bucket list for 2017

Do you fancy a trip to America in 2017? If you are currently considering this country, you need to start thinking about heading to Texas. It may not be high up on many travelers’ to-do list (especially since the, uh, election), but there are plenty of reasons you need to have this awesome state on your bucket list.

Still not convinced with heading to Texas next year? Here are some amazing destinations that should change your mind.

Where to head on your Texas vacation

texas vacation the lady-like leopard

El Paso

Located in the furthest Western corner of the state, El Paso is just a stone’s throw from the state of New Mexico and Mexico. So it is the perfect base for those travelers who want to explore both states. And, as it is very close to New Mexico and Mexico, there is also a big Mexican and Spanish influence on the city. There is also plenty of history to discover in the city. For starters, take the Mission Trail hike to explore the area and its exciting historical landmarks and sights.


If you are interested in space travel and the cosmos, then think about hitting the city of Houston. Most famous for its space center, there is no wonder why many families and travelers head to this city to learn more about astronauts and space. Once you have taken a tour of the space center, head into the city center to get a taste of Houston’s amazing foodie scene. You will be able to taste a wide range of cuisines in the city. Think of a country, and you will certainly be able to find a restaurant that specializes in its food! Plus, Beyonce is from here. Enough said.

texas vacation the lady-like leopard


Your expectations of Dallas may just come from the famous 80s TV show. But there is so much more to this amazing city than just oil tycoons in cowboy hats! In fact, Dallas has a large number of art galleries, making it a popular destination for art and culture fans. Contemporary art fans should visit the 500X Gallery, one of Texas’s oldest art collectives. Not too into art? No worries; there is still plenty that you can do in Dallas. Why not go to the Dallas World Aquarium to come face to face with some very intriguing sea life!

Fort Worth

If you want even more art and culture after checking out all of Dallas’s galleries, take a trip to Fort Worth. There is a lot of great art to see in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. And you can learn plenty about what is was like to be a girl in the Wild West if you visit the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame! If you ever fancy a quiet stroll, check out the Fort Worth Water Gardens. These beautiful gardens have a focus on water so you will be able to see some very impressive water features and ponds!

Thought Texas was just cowboys and huge RVs? Think again! As you can see, there is plenty of reasons why you should book a vacation to Texas in 2017. Remember: everything’s bigger (and maybe better?) in Texas!

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.

THE CHOPPING BLOCK | Why cutting my hair means my life is about to change

I’ve never kept the same hairstyle for too long. In the last five years I’ve had at least five different hairstyles: bangs, no bangs, shoulder length, half way down my back, half shaved, long on one side and short on the other, blonde, black, brunette. You name it, my hair has done it.

But it’s when I get that sudden urge to cut my hair that I know something is about to change. I’m about to part ways with something in my life.

Why cutting my hair equals major life change

Like my hair, my life has seen about five different lives in the past five years too. It all started when I cut my own bangs. Turns out, not a good decision. I don’t regret much in my life but cutting my owns bangs has to be up there.

The last day that I got a yearning to cut my bangs, I broke up with my boyfriend. The next time I decided to spontaneously cut my hair (a modern bob, long on one side, chin length on the other) I began making plans to move to Sydney, Australia.

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger. November 2016.

More recently after experiencing a haircut that reduced me to tears for months (at a Yorkville salon that shall remain unnamed) I had no choice but to let my hair grow. It had gotten pretty long by the time I went to New York City in April and I had been happy with the length.

Or so I thought.

On the morning of my flight, I woke up with an irresistible urge to cut my hair. There wasn’t time to get my hair cut before flying out at Billy Bishop so I was forced to make do with my ‘do.

I couldn’t silence the thoughts of chopping my hair off once arriving in the city of my dreams, so the following day I made an appointment at a random salon on W 13th Street and requested a trim. When asked how much I wanted off the woman replied to me, “Honey, that’s not a trim, that’s a completely new style!”

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger. November 2016.

Something was about to be majorly changed. I just knew it. I hadn’t been as happy as I could’ve been with where I was in life so I decided to take a break, pack up my bags and head back home to Victoria to spend my 25th birthday with the people who matter most to me in the world.

(It was then that I reached out to 25 women who inspire me in every aspect of life and asked them for their best advice for women in their 20s. Seriously, read it.)

The latest cut and the scariest change

For the past few months, things were amazing some days and I was feeling super stressed out others. That’s life. But then I found myself in an environment that wasn’t right.

Sure, we’re not going to love every second of every day (that’s the dream though, isn’t it?) but to feel like I couldn’t be myself and to be working towards something that’s never been a goal of mine – I couldn’t take it. Something had to change.

I was contemplating for a long time what to do. I asked friends and family for advice and most of them gave me the advice I didn’t want to hear: stick it out until something better comes along. I almost agreed with them and thought that I might actually be able to.

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger.

Then I felt the craving to cut my hair off – this time by myself. I was at home and was looking in the mirror at my blunt bob and wasn’t feeling it. I got out a pair of primary school safety scissors (that’s all I had, okay?) and raised them to my hair. I thought, this could either go really bad or look super cool. 

I started chopping.

My sink was full of hair. There was hair everywhere, actually. But just like the loose ends falling away from my head, I knew there were some other loose ends I needed to take care of in my life. After one more week of contemplation, I decided that was it. I quit.

You know, getting advice from people is all well and good but ultimately you need to follow your own voice and do what’s best for you. No one else is going to be affected by the choices you make more than you are. I’m not the type of person to sit back and wait for “something better” to come along. I believe in taking a risk and making something better happen now.

It was scary as hell to make the decision but guess what? Life goes on. Plus, now I know I’m capable of cutting a pretty cool choppy bob. If all else fails I’ll become a hair dresser (jokes).

Cutting my own hair is a symbol for me that I still – and always will – have control over my life. It’s in my hands to make whatever decision I need to. I’m snipping away the bad, if you will.

What’s the big deal, anyways? Hair always grows back.

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger. November 2016.


sheer black t-shirt | CLUB MONACO
vintage fur coat | PUBLIC BUTTER
rose lens sunglasses | PUBLIC BUTTER
bonnie bracelet as choker | CLUB MONACO

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

BOOTIE CARE | How to make sure your boots stay fresh & clean

Hey guys! Today I’m discussing the oh-so-annoying issue of ruined shoes. Has this ever happened to anyone? You get a new pair of shoes, you’re so anxious to wear them, you opt out of waterproofing them and then BAM, it rains? Yeah, me too.

I’ve also scuffed, ripped, dirtied and well, pretty much ruined perfectly good pairs of shoes from consciously neglecting them. One thing that hasn’t happened to me yet is a broken heel – fingers cross it never happens! That would be the worst.

Fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard wear a knitted 'PIXIE' cape from Simple Smiles & co. in Toronto, Canada. November 2015.

So how do you keep your boots looking fresh and clean forever?!

Well, for starters I usually use a waterproofing wax on my leather boots that you apply with a clean sponge. It’s kind of annoying because you have to let them sit for 24 hours to dry – but after that it’s all good. In the past I’ve used a spray too but I find the wax works better.

It also has a lot to do with common sense. For example, if I know it’s going to rain I’m not going to wear my crushed velvet ankle boots. That would be incredibly dumb. If it’s snowing, I’m not going to throw on my knee high suede ones either (even though they would look sooo cute).

I’m pretty simple when it comes to taking care of my shoes but somehow it works! If you guys need some more inspiration, head on over to King Ranch and check out their selection of trendy cowgirl boots, durable cowboy boots and leather care products! I’m about to head out the door to go to rural Ontario and could sure use a pair too!

Talk soon and stay stylish!

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

FASHION INSPIRATION | 2 fashion catalogues to check out in 2016

When you open a catalogue credit account, you can pay for your order in instalments and choose from a plethora of fashion items. Not all these retailers are the same, however. Here are two of the best women’s catalogues.

2 Fashion Catalogues to Check Out in 2016 - The Lady-like Leopard

1. Simply Be

Simply Be is a massive catalogue brand that specializes in plus-sized clothing for women. You’ll find clothes that you wouldn’t normally see in shops on the high street, including garments in sizes that range from 12 to 32. From swimwear to formal wear, you’ll discover a wealth of fashion under one roof, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Open a credit account with the company and you’ll be able to pay for your order in smaller chunks, helping you budget. Opening a new account is easy: just speak to a member of staff on the phone or make your application online. You should receive an instant decision about the status of your credit application, and, if you’re accepted, you’ll get your welcome documents in the post.

You can search for products using the search feature and have your items delivered to your door, too. Simply Be has a number of delivery options and prides itself on its customer service.

2 Fashion Catalogues to Check Out in 2016 - The Lady-like Leopard

2. Marisota

Like Simply Be, Marisota offers something different from the same old clothes you find on the UK high street, with plus-sized fashion available in sizes 10 to 32. You’ll find night wear, lingerie, casual clothes and formal fashion all in the same place, and you can save money on your order as a new customer.

Open a credit account to spread the cost of your payments and make repayments online or over the phone. Want to save money on your purchase? Use a voucher code when you check out or sign up the company’s mailing list and social media profiles to be the first to hear about the latest news and promotions. With Marisota, there are a number of ways you can pay for your order, too.

There is a large variety of different types of catalogues online which offer a large range of items. From womens clothes to electricals. If you would like a more extensive list of catalogues then take a look at yescatalogues. Happy browsing!

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.

72 HOURS IN MIAMI | Discovering the magic city

There’s a reason that Miami is known as the Magic City. You’ll probably discover this as soon as you set foot on the glistening sands and feel the sun beating down on your skin. Miami is a one-off, and it pays to have plans in place to make sure you don’t miss anything. If you’ve got 72 hours to spare, check out this sample itinerary for size.



No trip to Miami is complete without at least one day of chilling out on the infamous shores of South Beach. Part of a collection of barrier islands, this spot is famed for its beautiful scenery and equally attractive clientele. This is the place to flex your muscles and show off your swimwear. If this doesn’t float your boat, Crandon Park Beach offers a more family-friendly option.

Don’t stray too far from the promenades of South Beach as the sun sets. You’ll find this enigmatic stretch as vibrant by night as it is by day. Lively beach bars are a great place to take in the views and cool off after a day of sunbathing. After dark, you’ll find an array of achingly hip clubs, so make sure you dress to impress.

Take a moment to appreciate the stunning Art Deco architecture before you let your hair down. If you’re keen to make an entrance, this is the perfect place to hire a supercar and turn some heads. Check out sites like for ideas.



Start your day with breakfast in beautiful Coconut Grove before making your way to Jungle Island. This is a fantastic day out for visitors of all ages. It combines exotic gardens, wildlife encounters and thrills and spills for a unique theme park adventure. Afterwards, head to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Here you’ll see some of the world’s most dazzling rainforest-themed gardens.

If you’re lucky enough to be in town when the Miami Dolphins are in action, head to the Sun Life Stadium, get the snacks in, and cheer on your new local team.



It’s day 3, and it’s time to immerse yourself in Miami’s distinctive culture. Head to the Perez Art Museum to see a fascinating collection of modern art. Explore the bustling Design District and enjoy lunch in Little Havana. There are nods to Cuban culture all over the city.

But you’ll find no other place where its impact is more evident. While you’re in the Design District, take the opportunity to peruse the galleries and shops. You can also meet local designers or catch an exhibition. There’s no shortage of talented creatives in this area, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. To find out more about Miami’s diverse culture, take a look at Lonely Planet.

Miami is a sun-drenched city, which promises a memorable vacation for every traveler. Whether you like to party, relax or tour galleries and museums, there’s something for everyone. Live the high life and get some serious vitamin D in South Beach. Skip to the beat of Cuban culture in Little Havana and join the baying crowds of the football arena. Get your pulse racing with a trip to a theme park or reflect on the city’s beauty at the breathtaking botanical gardens.

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.

UK FASHION TRENDS OF 2016 | What to wear this season

It seems as if there is a new trend on a daily basis. Something new today is out tomorrow or a week from now. So, what’s in now? What hot looks are celebrities wearing? These are a few of the top UK fashion trends of 2016 which are currently fresh, on the streets and seem to be making all the buzz in the fashion world.

UK Fashion Trends of 2016

UK fashion trends of 2016 the lady-like leopard toronto fashion blogger


Denim on denim, black on black, linen on linen. You choose the fabric, the finish, and colour, and layer it over the same bottom (and top). Denim jeans with a denim halter top. White tee with a white linen skirt. You’ll see it on the runways – and on some of the busiest streets in the UK as well.

UK fashion trends of 2016 the lady-like leopard toronto fashion blogger

The jumpsuit

It seems to have trumped the classic cocktail dress. Classy, chic, can dress it up or down, and it has a casual feel and vibe. Plus, its far more comfortable to wear, and offers the mobility and free range of motion form fitting dresses don’t afford you.

Tyler Joe london street style photos


Metallic prints are in. Dresses, sequins, layers, you choose the style, fit, and fabric, and you are likely to fit into any room, party, or social gathering with the right metallic finish and styles during this summer season.


Prim style

Posy prints, floral prints, gingham, and styles which were “dated” for a while, have made the comeback and are popular again in the UK. Not only are designers bringing them back, they are all the rave with top designer brands, and various styles of clothing.


No matter what style you like, chic or elegant, casual and laid back or formal, there are several unique styles to wear during the summer months. There are loads of online retailers and catalogues which offer some of the trends of 2016 at reasonable prices. These are some of the distinct styles which are making their way back into the fashion world and buzz in the UK.

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard. All London Fashion Week street style photos by Tyler Joe via

HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP | Stop crying and do it in style

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know that it can seem like you’ll never get over a breakup. When your relationship comes to an end it can definitely feel like the end of the world. Especially if you’re the one who has been dumped.

Questions will be racing through your mind and you’ll over analyze every detail of what went wrong. Your confidence will be knocked. It might be challenging to get out of bed each day. But we’re stronger than that, right? We get over a breakup in style.

how to get over a breakup in style

Moving on from this relationship will probably be the last thing on your mind. But it’s the only option. However, moving on doesn’t necessarily mean finding someone else straight away. The most important thing you can do while dealing with your heartbreak is putting yourself first.

Focusing on yourself rather than dwelling on the past is a far more positive way of dealing with your heartbreak. So rather than eating the contents of your fridge and sobbing each night, start getting over your breakup in style. To help you do this, here are some heartbreak survival tips that encourage you to make yourself number one.

How to get over a breakup in style


Delete your ex’s number

You will go through a range of emotions as you start working towards getting over your ex. You can say and do things you regret when your emotions are running high. You might call him during a night out and beg him to get back with you. Angry texts can easily be sent when you’re feeling low and upset.

If they don’t respond or give you mixed signals, this can leave you feeling ten times worse than you did before. So to avoid getting in touch with your ex during this time it can be beneficial to delete his number. This is a smart and mature way of starting the moving on process. You might also want to consider blocking him on social media too. Otherwise, you may find yourself checking up on what they are doing – and that is definitely not a stylish way to get over a breakup. 

The only exception to this rule should be if you lived together and need to arrange moving out. In which case, you should ask your parents to help you out. Your ex can contact them in regards to making house moving arrangements and they can relay his messages to you. If your ex continues to make contact after your breakup, be firm and direct. Explain that you need space and the only way you can do that is if your communication stops. Encourage him to delete your number also to make it easier for you both.


Call your girlfriends

When a breakup occurs, every woman needs her girlfriends around her for support and reassurance (cue: Girl by Destiny’s Child). Don’t hide yourself away. Call your best friends and talk to them about your heartbreak. Alternatively, you can invite them over or meet them in a local bar or coffee shop.

While it’s good to let out the hurt and anger, don’t make your breakup the main focus. When you’re in a relationship, you prioritize spending time together. This can sometimes mean that you spend less and less time with your best friends. But now you are single you have more time to reconnect and catch up.

If you constantly bring your breakup up into the conversation, it will take longer for you to get over it. If this continues over a period of time, your friends may also get bored of hearing about it. So let your friends know how you are feeling but don’t dwell on it too much. Instead, keep your mind preoccupied by asking your friends about their lives.

Ask about their family and how work is going. You can start making plans together which can make up for lost time too. Perhaps there’s a movie you want to see or a new club you want to visit. Even if it’s only a coffee date in a few days time, it will give you something to look forward to.

how to get over a breakup in style

Find a new purpose

If you had been with your ex for a long time, you probably made many plans together. These could have involved traveling the world or getting married and even having kids. Now that your relationship has come to an end, you can be left feeling like you no longer have a purpose. This can make it harder to know which direction you should aim towards.

But rather than feeling hopeless and unenthusiastic about your life, you should instead see this as an opportunity. Similar to when you lose your job, a breakup can be a fantastic way to rediscover yourself. You now have the time and freedom to re-evaluate what you want and how you intend to get it.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to design clothes, but your ex never gave you the encouragement you needed. Maybe you want to set up a business or write a book but didn’t have the time before. Now nothing is stopping you from pursuing these dreams and finding a new purpose for yourself. Sign up to a night class or look for hobbies you can start on sites like

Whether it’s blogging, sewing or painting, a hobby can be a productive outlet. Not only to help you get over your broken heart but to help you find new passions and friends too. Even aiming for promotions at work can make you feel like you’re heading forwards rather than staying still. Looking to the future may seem difficult, to begin with, but it’s one of the most effective ways of moving on.


Get a makeover

Getting a makeover is something that many women do in the aftermath of their breakup. While some do it in an attempt to win back their exes (which I wouldn’t encourage), others do it to rebuild their confidence. The latter is what you should be aiming for. Your self-esteem will probably be at an all-time low during this period. But with the help of a makeover, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You could try out a new hair colour or go shopping with your friends for a new winter wardrobe. Try on clothes and accessories you would have never considered before. A new style could be just the thing to break you out of your rut. Even changing the way you apply your makeup can work wonders on your self-confidence. Watch Youtube makeup tutorials for inspiration and tips on makeup application. Then, organize a girls night out where you can showcase your new look.

Some women also go on diets and have cosmetic surgery in a bid to change their appearance and boost their confidence. But this should be something you do plenty of research on and think about carefully beforehand. While both of these options can have amazing results, they should only be done for the right reasons.

Drastic diets can be bad for your health and make you feel worse than you already do now. Whereas cosmetic surgery can be painful and expensive – plus you may not be happy with the outcome. Take a look online to see what you can find out from and other cosmetic surgery sites. Also, see your doctor to talk about safe weight loss regimes. Never start a diet or get surgery on impulse as this is likely to end in disaster.


Don’t hold a grudge

It’s no secret that not all relationships end amicably and on good terms. Bad breakups can be caused by a number of things – from infidelity to financial issues. It can be easy to hold a grudge and negative emotions towards you ex when things end badly. This can lead you to bad mouthing them at any opportunity and feeling angry when you see them. (Remember when Carrie runs into Berger’s friends at Bed after the post-it breakup?! Cringe.)

If they have hurt you through their actions, this reaction is perfectly understandably. However, it’s not the best way to deal with your emotions. It can cause stress and anxiety which can affect your mental and physical state. Grudges can also change people’s perceptions of you which could cause you to lose friends in the process.

Regardless of the cause, you need to try and stop holding a grudge. This will just prolong your anger and negativity, which can make it harder to get over your ex. Start forgiving them for their mistakes and the hurt they have caused you. This will not necessarily speed up the moving on process, but it can lift a weight from your shoulders. Doing this will also remove any hold that your ex may still have over you.

Focus on the positive outcomes you have gained since your breakup rather than only seeing the negatives. Write these positives down and read them to yourself whenever you feel negatively about your ex. It shouldn’t take long for you to get a change of perspective and see this breakup as a good thing.

Remember that the most valuable relationship that you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. Prioritizing your happiness and wellbeing is a surefire way of making sure you get through this breakup firmly on top. Everything happens for a reason, and this could be a sign that better things will soon be on their way. 

Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard.