Why I love Cassie Ventura

I was going to write about Yeezus today, but Cassie’s mix tape RockAByeBaby has been blasting through my headphones for the past couple hours so I thought I’d go with that. As I write this I’m listening to the song Numb featuring Rick Ross. Almost every song is featuring another artist (Cassie is a popular girl) and almost every song is fabulous. Not to mention, one song is featuring Fabolous. It’s called I Love It and funnily enough, I do. I also love Paradise with Wiz Khalifa. There’s only one song I’m not so crazy about: Sound of Love featuring Jeremih. Yikes… It just started creeping into my ears. Excuse me while I skip past this one… Okay, I’m back. I was so excited when this mixtape was released. Cassie has hardly had anything new since I was about 14 and You & Me came out. I remember having it on a CD and making my dad let me play it full blast on the 2 hour drive to our summer cabin. It’s still on my ipod. My sister always makes fun of me for keeping such old songs, which she thinks aren’t worthy, on my ipod for so long. If I’m still not sick of it after eight years I doubt I ever will be.

Cassie is also a huge style inspiration of mine. I love the way she mixes glam, rock, and street wear to create the best looks. I’m jealous of her wardrobe! And listen to this, I was doing some online shopping the other day from Culture Kings, and placed a few items from Diamond Supply into my cart, and I just came across a photo of Cassie in a Diamond Supply crop top. Great minds think alike. x

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