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What’s in my THEIT? Find out what I bring to Toronto Fashion Week

Guess what guys?! I LOVE MY THEIT BOSSI BAG. As if you didn’t already know that though, since I’ve been carrying it with me every day to Toronto Fashion Week. Uh oh, what would People Magazine think about that? Good thing I’m not famous (yet, hehe).

I made a little video for y’all to show you what I’ve been bringing with me to help me get through the long days of fashion week. I honestly don’t know how I have so much stuff in there… After the shows yesterday I even added some gift cards and a vinyl featuring Beyonce and Michael Jackson (courtesy of Hilary MacMillan’s fabulous show).

Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m off to make some more coffee and start prepping for the final day of Fashion Week.

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Mackage fall/winter '15 at WMCFW Day3. Photo by The Lady-like Leopard.

WMCFW Day 3 feat: Fun at the Pandora photo booth and House of Mackage

I had to work on Day 3 of World MasterCard Fashion Week and arrived so late! The sun was very much gone by the time I got there and there wasn’t a single photographer in sight, so unfortunately the only photos I got of my outfit were at the Pandora photo booth. I came straight from the office but I think I did a pretty good job anyways. What do you think? I mean, I applied my Wet N Wild lipstick on the streetcar, but still.

I’m wearing a Jacob halter top, vintage knit skirt, vintage sequinned blazer and my metallic gold Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers. The blazer was a huge hit and I got quite a few compliments on it. My favourite compliment, however, came after one about my blazer when a girl said to me, “Yes, you truly are The Lady-like Leopard”.

If I had to sum up the Mackage show in one word it would be: amazing-fresh-practical-wearable-gorgeous-fringey-deliciousness. Does it count as one word if it’s hyphenated? Clearly one word just won’t do. There were so many elements of the show that were completely on point with what’s trending at the moment – fringe, deep red, sporty chic backpacks. I’m so glad that fringe is here and not in a Western way. And the leather. The fur. The zipper up the back of one of the jackets! From beginning to end this was a collection worth waiting for.

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The Lady-like Leopard at Narces - WMCFW Day2

WMCFW Day 2 feat: Narces, Melissa Nepton and David Dixon

This collection was beautiful, stunning, feminine – I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Each piece that came swaying down the runway was more gorgeous than the last. Well, that’s not really fair. Each piece was just as gorgeous as the last. The beaded details were to die for and the lipstick smooch print was so flirty and cute – especially because the model sporting the first smoochy dress had a huge grin on her face the whole way down the runway. Congrats Nikki Wirthensohn on a fabulous collection!

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Sultan Sandur of Just Sultan wearing a metal bowtie outside WMCFW Toronto Day2.

WMCFW Day 2: Outside the tents

For day two of World MasterCard Fashion Week I saw collections by Narces, VAWK, Melissa Nepton and David Dixon. Those posts will be coming later, but for now here are some street style photos from outside the tents – because what is fashion week without fabulous outfits and fashionable friends?

When I arrived for the first show, I was stormed by photographers trying to snap a pic of my outfit. The above photo is one of my favourites and was taken by Henry Lee Photography. It sort of makes you feel like a celeb when that happens – and I like it. Move over Kimmy K, the show go-ers at WMCFW are going to break the internet.

Today I wore a cut-out knit crop top from Topshop, vintage silk trousers, Call It Spring nude heels with a vintage fur coat. I accessorized with a limited-edition ring by Mizdragonfly, Quay Australia sunglasses, a Bossi camera bag from THEIT, a Li&Mi ‘Make A Wish’ necklace and My Femme Crush ‘QUEEN’ necklace.

XX Melina Morry

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard outside World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto

Day 1 at WMCFW feat: Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum and Pink Tartan

World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto is finally here! This is my first time attending almost every show and every day. You know what’s kind of funny? Last year at this time I was volunteering backstage at WMCFW wishing that I was dressed up all cute, attending shows and mingling with the fashion crowd – and look, here I am.

When I worked backstage at WMCFW I was 2 weeks into living in Toronto. Now I’ve been here for a year and I can honestly say that this was such a good move to make! I wasn’t sure how life here would turn out (duh, is anyone sure?!) but I’m doing what I love. You can’t really ask for more than that, can you?

So anyways, after the FGI awards luncheon I took in Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum and Pink Tartan with some fellow bloggers and fashionistas. Scroll down to see photos from Mikhael Kale and Pink Tartan. I regret to say that I didn’t take any photos at Sid Neigum! Maybe I forgot, maybe I was too absorbed in the collection, I don’t know. I can tell you that it was very good though! Anyways, check out the rest and see y’all later.

This collection was like a dream come true – literally. Only in my dreams have I seen so many colours, textures and strategically placed cut-outs paired together and look so incredibly fabulous. My jaw was scraping on the floor as I left this show. I can just imagine having to buy a bigger apartment to fit all the Mikhael Kale clothes I intend to buy… My favourite pieces have got to be the ones that mix fur and beading. Although, the circle cut-out leather coat is a close second.

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Lauren Martin, April Corner, Meaghan Elizabeth and yours truly, Melina Morry.

FGI Toronto presents the International Award of the Year to Bonnie Brooks

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending Fashion Group International Toronto’s Award of the Year luncheon where Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman of the Hudson’s Bay Company, was honoured for her lifetime of achievements in the fashion industry. I would have jumped at any chance to hear Bonnie speak about her adventures in the industry – from Toronto to London to Hong Kong to Paris and back again.

Bonnie Brooks has the kind of career that I dream about having. She gave one of the most inspirational and empowering speeches I’ve ever heard in my life! I left the event with such a sense of determination and ambition that I’ve felt only in small doses before but this was world conquering. As Bonnie said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

I got to meet tons of new people (after the event I had to run home because I used all my business cards and needed more for WMCFW) and make some good connections for future collaborations. I’m also thinking of becoming a member of FGI now. I really loved what Roger Gingerich, co-chair of FGI, said about connecting the fashion industry together and creating collaborations between each other. That’s exactly what I need.

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The Lady-like Leopard wearing a limited edition piece by MizDragonfly.

The Lady-like Leopard loves Toronto jewelry designer, MizDragonfly

First things first: how amazingly gorgeous is that ring?! I can’t get over it. It was sent to me the other day by Karine Eyamie, the designer behind jewelry label Mizdragonfly – along with a bunch of other goodies! Watch the video below to see what else was included in that fabulous package.

Mizdragonfly is a limited-edition jewelry line that effortlessly blends quirky designs with glamourous elements like dainty jewels and fine lines. Each piece is handmade in Toronto and totally unique. As Karine says, the “accessories don’t just complement an outfit— they make it.”

Check out more about Mizdragonfly on their website here and read my interview with Karine here.

Remember guys: SHOP LOCAL.

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