The Lady-like Leopard: FAT 2015 launch party at Parloque, presented by Nord Magazine.

Fashion Art Toronto kicks off the week at Parloque with Nord Magazine

When I moved to Toronto in 2014, Fashion Art Toronto was the first big event that I was invited to as The Lady-like Leopard – just a month after making the move. I remember being shocked that anyone had even heard of The Lady-like Leopard, being so new to town and all. This year I’m back at it, covering FAT (Fashion Art Toronto if you don’t know) runways and events! First up: launch party.

Last Friday FAT officially kicked off with a party at Parloque on Queen West presented by Nord Magazine. I love when Parloque lends their venue for fashion events – not only do you get to browse the most stylish clothing, but they have the best photo walls. You know, stand in front of a cool background and snap an outfit pic? Like this:

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DSC02493 copy

The Lady-like Leopard + (the) VB chic: Two ways to wear a fur vest

Don’t be frightened by the fur vests and gloves in these photos – it is warming up but these photos were taken a little while ago when the air was nothing short of arctic. Veronica, my friend and fellow fashion blogger behind (the) VB Chic and I teamed up for a shoot about a couple ways you can wear a fur vest.

I paired my Club Monaco Matilda Faux Fur Vest with a black turtleneck, a beige silk kimono and camouflage denim while Veronica wore hers with black skinny jeans, a white knit top and ankle boots.

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ALEX AND ANI - Road To Romance. The Lady-like Leopard's top picks.

Springtime florals, wide leg trousers and the latest from ALEX AND ANI

Spring is here! I’m so excited. After months of bundling up with scarves and toques and gloves we can finally leave the house is cute spring-y things like denim jackets and sleeveless tops. What are you most looking forward to this season – patio drinks? Open toe platforms? Flirty lace mini dresses? Levi cutoffs? The correct answer would definitely be all of the above. Or maybe all at the same time?

Last Saturday night I went out on the town with a couple girlfriends in the most spring-like outfit I’ve worn for months. Complete with a pale pink lip I wore a floral printed bustier and white wide leg trousers with peep toe heels. I still had to bring my furry leopard print Topshop coat with me for a little extra warmth but we’re getting there!

I kept my accessories to a minimum because I didn’t feel any of my chunky jewels went with my dainty and feminine look. If I had some pieces from the latest ALEX AND ANI collection, that would have been a different story.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:

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Behind the scenes at SHILANGO’s official launch photo shoot

About a month or two ago (so, this counts as a #ThrowbackThursday post) I helped style a photo shoot for Shilango Jewellery for their official launch! Last September Shilango had what they call a ‘soft launch’ but now it was time for the real deal. Paola Silk, the beauty & brains behind Shilango, got some of Toronto’s best like Shayne Gray Photography, Sherlyn Torres Beauty and model Abbie Oliveira together for the shoot.

We worked for hours on end, photographing every single piece in Shilango’s collection! Abbie brought some outfit options and I worked with three of them creating a day time look, a night on the town outfit and a neutral one to show off some of the brighter pieces. It was a lot of fun! But then again, with great people, how could it not be a good time? It was a long day but definitely one filled with lots of laughter – and coffee, lots of coffee.

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Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard - spring trends, fringe, Chanel fanny packs

Spring Trend Alert: FRINGE (and Chanel fanny packs)

Even though I’ve been a big supporter of the “trend-less” runways and Anna Wintour stating that “trend is a dirty word” – there still has to be some sort of a trend, right? Maybe they don’t even have to be called trends. We can call them “things we love” or something.

Well, this spring I’m loving fringe. It’s come a long way from it’s cowboy days and we saw it sashaying down the runway in all sorts of leathers at World MasterCard Fashion Week and now I’ve found this super cute lace and fringe top at H&M. Could fringe be any cuter?

Yeah, it probably could.

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Mikhael D at WMCFW in Toronto. Photo by The Lady-like Leopard.

WMCFW Day 5 feat: Stephan Caras, Mikael D and the Fashion Magazine Awards

Well there we have it! The final day of World MasterCard Fashion Week has come and gone. I had such great experience for my first full Toronto Fashion Week (last year I only made it to Fashion Saturday with Leopard Cub because I had been travelling back and forth to BC all year). I took in so many shows and met so many fabulous people. I’m definitely looking forward to next season – and TOM in August!

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Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard at WMCFW f/w 2015 in Toronto.

WMCFW Day 5, What I Wore feat: Nine West, denim and vintage beads

For the final day of World MasterCard Fashion Week I decided to bring out the big guns. By big guns I of course mean this beautiful, vintage, ocean blue beaded gown. Have I ever told you the story about this fabulous dress? Well, I bought it from Kind Exchange in November for a bargain price of $45. I had absolutely no intention of buying a beaded dress when I set out on Queen West that afternoon, but hey, aren’t those the best purchases?

I’ve been saving it for an extra special event. I figured that the last day of my first full Toronto Fashion Week plus Fashion Magazine’s fashion week awards qualified for the occasion. I swear this dress was made for the times when women had other women dressing them. There is a clasp at the neck which you can barely reach your arms to because the material is so fragile and then there are little clasps on each wrist that are impossible to do alone. (Not to mention impossible to get them undone when trying to take off the dress…)

It was horribly windy and about -20 when we (my girl Beth and I) were trying to take photographs outside. I could barely feel my hands when I returned to the “warmth” of the tent (honestly the tents weren’t that warm either). Thanks Bethy-boo for freezing to death with me for these. The dress had to be seen!

I was going for a casual-glam look. I wanted the dress to be the main feature so I paired it with a vintage denim jacket, a mini backpack and Nine West heels. Okay, so the backpack for sure wasn’t my first choice and I would have gone for a cute clutch if only I hadn’t had to bring my camera with me and then go straight to the awards. Oh well, you live and you learn (hopefully).

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Hilary MacMillan fall/winter 2015 at Toronto Fashion Week.

WMCFW Day 4 feat: Hilary MacMillan, Farley Chatto and Rudsak

Day four of WMCFW had me literally running down the sidewalk to make it to Hilary MacMillan’s fall/winter 2015 show. I managed to make it with about a minute to spare – slightly sweating as I sat down in a front row seat. I suppose you could say I was running fashionably late but mostly I was just running late and it was due to me filming this video (check it out so you know I’m not making up excuses).

Hilary MacMillan
I’m always a fan Hilary MacMillan but this collection especially with the fur and the leather and the whites on even whiter whites. I could imagine myself wearing almost everything in one way or another. I could practically build a whole new wardrobe just using pieces from this collection. The whole atmosphere at the show was fabulous as well. I really loved the live music by St. Royal – very nice touch and great performers (check out St. Royal here). Congratulations Hilary on a beautiful show! Here are my top ten favourite looks.

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WMCFW Day 4, What I Wore feat: Topshop, THEIT, Priestess & Nine West

For day four of World MasterCard Fashion Week I wore a combination of army green, leopard print and gold jewelry. I think I would say that this was my favourite look of the week. I tried out a (faux) septum ring in public for the first time too and was surprised by how many people thought it looked great. (I also got an email from my grandparents begging me to tell them it wasn’t real – and it’s not, so there you go.)

I was in the biggest rush of all time getting to the tents! I had been filming a video for THEIT Bags (which you can check out here) and completely lost track of time. I ended up having to run down the sidewalk in my pointed toe heeled Nine West boots, sweating a little in my brand new Topshop dress. What a disaster.

I ended up making it to my seat in the front row at Hilary MacMillan just in time for the lights to dim. The craziest thing happened after the show. I was gathering up my things when my friend Syed (The Prep Guy) came over and said he had three girls who wanted to meet me. I was so delighted and super shocked. They said they loved The Lady-like Leopard blog and YouTube and follow my stuff all the time. They also invited me to a fashion show they’re doing in April – how cool is that?! Things like that make putting endless hours in blogging completely worth it.

Okay, so a little bit more about my outfit.

Leopard print dress and army green cutout dress, Topshop.
Pointed toe, heeled ankle boots, Nine West.
Body chain, Priestess Jewelry. I scored this piece at Midnight MRKT this year! I simply couldn’t resist when I laid eyes on it.
Quilted camera bag, THEIT. Yes! People are still amazed to find out it’s a camera bag.

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Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard on YouTube - What's in my THEIT Bag?

What’s in my THEIT? Find out what I bring to Toronto Fashion Week

Guess what guys?! I LOVE MY THEIT BOSSI BAG. As if you didn’t already know that though, since I’ve been carrying it with me every day to Toronto Fashion Week. Uh oh, what would People Magazine think about that? Good thing I’m not famous (yet, hehe).

I made a little video for y’all to show you what I’ve been bringing with me to help me get through the long days of fashion week. I honestly don’t know how I have so much stuff in there… After the shows yesterday I even added some gift cards and a vinyl featuring Beyonce and Michael Jackson (courtesy of Hilary MacMillan’s fabulous show).

Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m off to make some more coffee and start prepping for the final day of Fashion Week.

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