Global Shoe Connection Fall 2015 Preview at The Drake Hotel with Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard.

Global Shoe Connection’s Fall Preview – shoes, shoes and more shoes!

I’m going to start off by giving you two words to describe this post: comfort shoes. I know what you’re thinking (ew, comfort? We want style…) but get those thoughts out of your minds right now. Those are old thoughts, the way we used to think about ‘comfort shoes’. But this is 2015 and things have changed.

What if I told you that you could be comfortable and stylish and get all the support that your feet need? Even when wearing heels all day long! I know, I wouldn’t have believed it either until I had the pleasure of going to Global Shoe Connection‘s fall preview.

I was shown around the different collections that GSC represents like Vionic, Miz Mooz, and Bueno, by the lovely Sara Russell who I’d been in touch with through social media but had yet to meet (isn’t this world a strange place?).

I was so impressed with the brands they had on display and the stylishness meets practicality that I desperately need when I’m working my part-time nanying job! I don’t want to sacrifice my style, you know?

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Melina Morry, The Lady-like Leopard wearing Nike, Topshop and leopard print.

How to: Mix sportswear with fur and heels – and (somehow) make it work

Sportswear has been on the rise lately but not always in the best way – wearing your gym clothes all day and calling it fashion is just plain wrong. I’ve seen a couple articles online recently that detail the decline of dressing well in favour of dressing down. But why can’t we meet in the middle and make this whole “sportswear-meet-fashion” thing work?

I decided to put it to the test. I laid out my Nike Womens sporty tee and started going through my closet. I had a couple options ready but ultimately I chose this faux fur leopard print wrap skirt that I got for a bargain $7 at a Bloor West second hand shop. At first I wasn’t so sure… it seemed like an odd pairing.

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Save the date: Gallery 1313 Fundraiser on June 24th 2015


Who: Gallery 1313
What: 13th Annual Fantasy Fashion Show
Where: 1313 Queen St. West
When: Wednesday June 24th at 6:30pm

Hey guys! What are your plans next Wednesday June 24th? I’ve got something better than anything you might have had planned (sorry, but you’ll just have to cancel). Gallery 1313, located in the heart of Parkdale, is bringing back their annual fundraising evening!

It’s been four years since gallery owner Phil Anderson has put on the fundraiser and this year it’s being organized by my friend and menswear accessories designer Sultan Sandur (and a few other fabulous people).

This year the evening will include an avant-garde ‘art meets fashion’ show, a cocktail reception and a chance to help raise funds for this not-for-profit, artist run gallery. Tickets are on sale now and are only $30 – what a steal.

RSVP by purchasing a ticket here!

XX Melina Morry

Melina Morry, The Lady-like Leopard. Fashion Friday interview with Matthew Smith of America's Next Top Model.

Fashion Friday: Matthew Smith for KARV street wear

When I was asked if I would like the opportunity to interview Matthew Smith from America’s Next Top Model, I was a little hesitant. I mean, I was used to seeing him on tv in my Grandmother’s living room with a bowl of caramel popcorn (yes, we go all out and you’d understand if you tasted her caramel popcorn). But I figured I had nothing to lose and penciled in the date in my Kate Spade day planner.

I arrived at the brand new Delta Hotel on Lower Simcoe with enough time to touch up my make-up and get lost on my way up to the 46th floor – just my luck. The last interview was just finishing up and I was moved into a separate, but equally as beautiful, room with KARV‘s latest collection lining the walls. KARV is one of the reasons Matthew was in town – he’s their latest face. He also recently signed with Angie’s AMTI agency here in Toronto too.

As we sat down to talk, any nerves that I might have had melted away. In person, just like on ANTM, Matthew was outgoing, fun and always ready to make you laugh. About America’s Next Top Model he says “it was a crazy experience” and even though it might not be the best show on tv, it’s where he really got his start.

It also is what you genuinely might think it is: reality. “[You have] no cell phone, no internet, no cable, no newspaper – you’re confined and it’s interesting to see how people deal with their problems when they have no way of venting outside of that bubble,” Matthew said.

Another perhaps shocking fact to come from this interview was that Matthew had never thought about becoming a model. (Until one day when he was approached at a mall.) He even went as far as to say he “hated the idea of modelling”.

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Melina Morry, The Lady-like Leopard. OOTD video featuring Nike, Topshop, Forever 21 and leopard print. YouTube video.

New Video: Nike, Topshop and a great leopard print vintage find

I’m starting a new thing here on The Lady-like Leopard (or more like on my YouTube channel) called #ootd videos. For most of my photo shoot posts I’m also going to film videos in the clothes to give an extra feel of how the outfit moves and how it looks on. What do you think? Well, I’ll let you watch one before you decide your thoughts.

At first it was a little awkward filming – believe it or not, I get nervous in front of a camera – but I think it turned out pretty well. Stay tuned for my full photo shoot coming soon!

XX Melina Morry


The Lady-like Leopard’s weekend getaway to New York, New York

Ever heard the saying “the best plans aren’t planned” (or something like that)? It’s true. In a completely unplanned way I flew to New York City to spend a whopping 36 hours with one of my oldest friends last weekend. Here’s what happened:

1. Thursday morning I got asked if I’d like to spend the weekend in New York.
2. By Friday morning flights, insurance and 4:15am taxis were booked.
3. Saturday morning at 8:45am I was checking into the Waldorf Astoria.

And there we have it. Isn’t the world a brilliant place?

My Gram told me I’m the most spontaneous person she’s ever known and I take that as a complete and utterly wonderful compliment. I love being spontaneous – especially when an adventure to my favourite American city is up for grabs.

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Melina Morry, The Lady-like Leopard. Behind the scenes photo shoot 2015.

Selfies, smiles and sporty-chic looks BTS with The Lady-like Leopard

Sometimes with fashion shoots you can get a lot of really super serious photos that look like you’re having no fun at all. I mean, it is all about the clothes but who says you can’t show a little giggle or two? I tried making a lot of serious faces but ultimately I couldn’t hold back my laughs and ear-to-ear smiles. (I may have also had some encouragement from my friend & photographer Samia to not be so serious!)

Here are some photos from behind the scenes at my latest couple of shoots. Stay tuned for the posts coming soon. In the meantime, check out an outfit video I made for The Lady-like Leopard’s Facebook page here.

XX Melina Morry signature

Melina Morry, The Lady-like Leopard. Shine PR. Kate Spade New York. Yorkville.

#ShinePRxKateSpade: A Shopping Soiree

Kate Spade, marshmallows, cupcakes, bacon wrapped watermelon, boxed water in champagne glasses – this is just all part of a typical Thursday night for a fashion blogger! Or at least for Veronica of (the) VB Chic, Leopard Cub and myself. We all got ready together and then ventured out to Yorkville for a shopping soiree put on by Shine PR.

We arrived to a gorgeous photo wall across the alleyway from the Kate Spade boutique that fit all of our photo taking needs (apparently the girls at Shine had gotten creative and made it themselves!). We had a bit of a photo op out there while Leopard Cub enjoyed a gourmet popsicle that we had gotten from The Gap on our walk over.

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The Lady-like Leopard: Bella and Gigi Hadid at the CFDA Awards 2015.

Jumpsuits are back – and it’s all thanks to the Hadid sisters

This year at the CFDA Awards, while most fashionable attendees were wearing gowns and cocktail dresses, the Hadid sisters went a different way: jumpsuits. Yes, both sisters wore them and yes, both sisters looked stunning.

(To be completely honest, I would be livid if I decided to wear a jumpsuit to a fancy awards night and my sister decided that’s the style route she wanted to take too – especially if we were both successful models, but anyways.)

Jumpsuits were insanely popular in the 70s (before I was even a thought on this earth) and have tried to make little comebacks through the decades, but have yet to give us reason enough to let them stay. There’s one major reason for that: they’re hard little suckers to buy – long legs, short legs, long torso, short torso, blah, blah, blah. But once you find the right one (like Bella & GiGi did) they’re magic.

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